Recommended plus 1 item-Add a little bit to make your life more comfortable!

"Area to reach itchy places" Plus 1 for everyday life
Recommended living tools that are very satisfying to use with a little addition

Cosine is often said to find unlikely "things", and is very good at simple living tools made of solid wood that can be incorporated into daily life. We would like to introduce a small living tool of Cosine that will make your life a little better just by adding one that will be a famous role instead of a big sofa or table.

Easy to use because it does not bend. Entrance stool or shoehorn (L) is recommended for plus 1 at the entrance

Come back from the office, put your luggage on the floor and take off your shoes. There are many "bending" postures lurking in this movement. The same applies to the action of putting on shoes and holding a bag when going out.
The entrance becomes easier and more comfortable to use by reducing the "bending" at the entrance when you go out or come home.
Just by placing a monopod, which is a compact size and designed to be placed in a limited entrance space, you can sit down and put on your shoes or put your luggage when you put on your shoes. You can reduce the "bending" movement. In addition, the shoehorn (L) is a long shoehorn that can be used without bending, so this is also an item that reduces the "bending" posture.
By improving the usability of the entrance when you go out and when you come home, it seems that you will be able to change your mind smoothly. Because it is the entrance that you use every day, please set it up comfortably and easily with one plus item!

The shoehorn (L) can be used more conveniently and nicely when used with a dedicated stand, but it also comes with a leather strap that can be hung on a hook, so it is of course OK to use it alone. By hanging it in a place that is easily accessible when you go out, you can go out more smoothly.
If you want to use a shoehorn with an entrance stool, we recommend the shoehorn (S).

Another one at the entrance. Recommended plus 1
Shoe rack for your favorite shoes you want to cherish

In May, Okinawa has already entered the rainy season, and it is the season when there are many rainy days toward June. Recently, it has become possible to choose from various variations of rain shoes, and it has become possible to enjoy going out on rainy days. By placing your favorite rain shoes or shoes from a long walk on the shoe rack instead of putting them in the shoe closet immediately, you can enjoy going out with your favorite shoes that are airy, crisp and dry, and have fun even on rainy days. that's right.

The portability is fresh. Plus 1 where you want
Tree rack

Not only is the coat rack at the entrance, but it's also a lightweight + compact tree rack that you can quickly move to where you want to use it, making your daily life much more convenient. The ease of use that allows you to carry a wooden rack and use it where and when you need it brings fresh comfort to your life with an unprecedented idea. Maple weighs about 1.2 kg and walnut weighs about 1 kg, which makes it easy to use. It is a recommended plus 1 item that realizes convenience that has never been seen before, which can be completed by simply leaning against the wall.

Experience the new convenience and comfort of living in the tree rack, which is very useful in the entrance, living room, bedroom, and kitchen.

Warm welcome

Recommended plus 1 item-Add a little bit to make your life more comfortable!

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