Feel the season and spend time by the window

If you want to feel the all-season season directly, how to spend time by the window is important

By placing a nap sofa that can be used neatly on a flat seat by the window, you can live a life where you can feel the changing seasons while staying in the house. In spring and early summer, you can enjoy the pleasant sunshine in early summer and in autumn and winter, you can enjoy the scenery in a warm house.
The nap sofa has a width and depth that allows two adults to sit on it, and it quickly transforms into a space where you can bring your favorite sweets and have fun talking. You can lay a seat cushion or your favorite blanket, or put a moon-viewing tray with light meals on it. Here are some recommended items to spend your time feeling the seasons by the window of your house!

A wagon table where you can put sweets and drinks, books and magazines you want to read nearby

The wagon table is a side table that can be used by inserting it under the sofa. You can use it with any sofa as long as the bottom of the sofa is 7 cm or more and the seat surface is 45 cm or less. The bottom of the nap sofa is wide open so you can insert it in and use it, and you can enjoy light meals and tea while sitting on the nap sofa. It comes with a magazine rack, so you can set up the books and magazines you want to read.
The strength is also outstanding because it is made with a sturdy assembly method called "hail assembly". Since it is equipped with casters, it is easy to move, so find your favorite position and have fun together.

A tray table that can be used as a single tray that allows you to move things around you nearby

The tray table is a compact wagon with casters, and the trays on the top and bottom can be removed. You can move the tea set to your favorite position with the tea set on the tray table, or you can remove the tray and enjoy tea at hand. Tea time where you can enjoy the season by carrying chairs and tray tables by the window where you can see your favorite scenery seems to be good. The legs and tray are removable, and the legs can be folded. The front side is a water-resistant melamine material, and the back side is a tray of wooden boards. You can change the front and back according to the purpose and atmosphere.

A small table "moon viewing tray" that can be used on a nap sofa or on the floor

A moon-viewing tray that can be used as a substitute for a small table, such as a nap sofa, tatami room, or porch. Since it is a tray with legs, it is taller than placing it on a tray and placing it on the floor, making it easier to pick up cups and sweets. Since it is urethane coated, you can put things that are wet with water. Besides placing it on the floor, you can also place it on a large dining table and use it as a table arrangement.

Let's spend a comfortable time with the stool of the board seat even on the veranda or the wooden deck

It's a good idea to take your favorite stools and chairs to the balcony or wooden deck on a sunny day and have a good time, and it's also very nice to have a nice breeze during the day or at night.
If you use a two-seater peanut stool or KOHSHI stool, you can use it as a table while sitting, and it is difficult to take up space.


Feel the season and spend time by the window

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