A gift of living tools that will change your living comfort and home work comfortably

Let's give a little extra item that will change your living comfort and home work comfortably

Why don't you give your loved ones such as family and friends who live far away a living tool that makes your daily life more comfortable and makes working at home easier? At Cosain, there are items that can change your life comfortably by adding a little to your usual items. This time, we will introduce items that will make your life comfortable and your home work comfortable.

Collect necessary items such as work tools and move the tray table

The tray table is like a wagon with casters, and you can put things on it and move around. You can move it smoothly by putting things that you often use indoors, such as work tools, hobbies, and tissues and remote controls. Of course, it works as a side table next to the sofa or near the dining table. The upper and lower trays can be removed, and you can use the tray alone. The legs can also be folded, so you can store them compactly when not in use. This gift is recommended for loved ones who have more opportunities to work at home.

Bookstands and bookends where you can quickly lean against books and magazines

For those who like books and magazines and read them often, we recommend items that can be used to store books. There are items that can easily store books, such as a bookend that supports the book and a book stand that allows you to stand the book vertically, horizontally, and naname. You can use it in any room, such as the living room, study, or bedroom.
In addition, it can be used in combination with a multi-tray that can be used to organize small items in the living room. It is also recommended to choose a bookend, book stand, or multi-tray that can be used in the living room or bedroom as a gift.

A smart rack that you can use around you by hanging clothes, towels, and blankets that you want to wear quickly.

If possible, you want to store clothes, towels, blankets, etc. that you often wear in a place where you can quickly take them out. With a smart rack, you can quickly hang a folded item, so it's easy to take it out.
Since it is urethane coated, you can hang it on a damp towel and use it to dry the room.
When folded, it becomes thin to a thickness of about 3 cm, so you can take it out immediately when you want to use it.
There are various rooms that can be used, such as bedrooms, living rooms, and dressing rooms. Practical and familiar wooden living tools are also great gifts.

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A gift of living tools that will change your living comfort and home work comfortably

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