Comfortable compact living room for the whole family-Compact but relaxing

A family living room that is compact but comfortable and comfortable

Choosing the right living equipment for the size of your room is the first step in creating a comfortable and relaxing living room. It is very important to review the size of the furniture and living tools in the living room if you feel that it is a little too small due to the growth of your child or changes in your life. Also, as the way a family lives changes over time, what is needed in the living room will change from time to time. That is why it is important to be able to use it in various ways of living.
Introducing a comfortable platform sofa with a compact size of cosine and a living room storage that can be used according to changes in daily life.

Width that one adult can pass through: Layout based on 60 cm

For example, if you can set up a living room in a place of about 6 tatami mats of 4m x 3m, if you give a space of about 60cm in width so as to surround the sofa and table, the installation space of the sofa and table can be stored in a space of about 2.5m x about 2m. It's ideal. Considering the space between the sofa and the table, the depth of the sofa is less than 1m, and if you choose a table with a depth of about 50cm, you can create a comfortable layout.

If there is a passage for one person in front of the place where the TV and storage shelves are placed, it is enough to put things in and out of the storage shelves, so if you have a space of about 6 tatami mats, you can make a fulfilling living room.
In this way, you can get a rough idea of the optimal size of furniture by laying it out based on a width of 60 cm that one adult can pass through in your living room.

The platform sofa with a width of 152 cm and a depth of 73.5 cm is spacious and spacious even in a compact size.

The cosine platform sofa is a compact sofa with a width of 152 cm, which is supposed to be a 2-seater. The depth of the seat is wide enough to give the impression that two adults can sit comfortably. A slightly firm cushion that does not sink too much supports your posture, making it easy to stand and sit, and the taut upholstery gives the space a neat and tidy impression. It is a nice point that the cover can be removed and dry cleaned. If you line up the separately sold ottomans side by side, the width will be about 2.1m, so you can lie down and enjoy a rest. Even though it is a compact size with an ottoman, please enjoy the spaciousness and spaciousness.

We also have a compact center table that you can use with your platform sofa. The Trico Center Table, which is triangular and does not obstruct the flow line, the Dunlan Center Table, which can be used extensively with an oval top plate even in a compact size, and the largest Danlan Center Table (Large) has a width and depth of 88 cm, so there is plenty of room. Perfect for layout.

Simple + usage and storage layout as you like Living shelf and TV board

The cosine TV board and shelves, which are attractive for their minimalist design, have a unified impression and can be used neatly, and the storage layout can be freely customized using bookends, trays, fabric boxes, etc. .. The biggest attraction is that it can be used flexibly according to the way of spending in the living room, which changes every time the life stage changes. It is a family shelf that you can use to enjoy storage while freely laying out your own hobbies, small items that your family needs, children's learning tools, and your favorite books.
The TV board also has a simple and minimal design, which gives it a light impression like no other. Since the central shelf is movable, it can be adjusted according to the height of the items you want to store. Also, because of the simple design so far, the cord holder is attached to the back so that you can use it neatly.

For families with small children
A space exclusively for children that I definitely want to create

Because you can play within the reach of adults, you definitely want to create a space for children to play freely in the living room. Even if you can't make a big space, you can use the center table to draw, origami and work. The little chair, which has the same structure as an adult chair, is just the right size to use with the center table, so you will soon have a space where you can enjoy drawing and crafting! It seems that it will be the most luxurious living room time for adults to see children who are absorbed in drawing and crafting with peace of mind.


Comfortable compact living room for the whole family-Compact but relaxing

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