A gift that makes the entrance comfortable to use-Give a comfortable life

Have a comfortable and enjoyable time even in the rain!
A living tool that can be used comfortably even during the rainy season.

As we enter the rainy season, the number of people going out on rainy days is increasing, but recently, there are many rain goods with various ingenuity and high design, so you can enjoy going out on rainy days. I've been. When you come home with your favorite rain goods, you can rest comfortably the next day by letting them rest in a well-ventilated manner, so storing rain goods is a living issue that you want to tackle firmly.
This time, we will introduce the recommended items for this season that can store items wet with rain!

Store your favorite shoes worn on a rainy day in a well-ventilated shoe rack.

A shoe rack is a rack for placing shoes that can be used by leaning against a wall. Non-slip silicone rubber is attached to the part in contact with the wall and floor, and the shelves of different heights can neatly store middle boots, flat shoes, and children's shoes. More compact than leaving your shoes flat at the entrance where space is limited! It is an item that allows you to keep the shoes of the whole family in a well-ventilated manner.
If you get wet in the rain, of course, store your favorite shoes that you wore for a day in a shoe rack, and let your shoes rest slowly!
Shoe rack

Shoe rack

It's well-ventilated, so the umbrella dries quickly.
Rainy rack stores umbrellas "hanging" without standing

A rainy rack that can be neatly organized just by hanging the handle of the umbrella on the bar. By hanging it straight and storing it, it fits in a more compact installation space than an umbrella stand. Moreover, by "hanging" the umbrella, it drains well and is well ventilated, so the umbrella can be dried quickly. Also, the tray of the water tray that can be removed and washed completely catches the water falling from the umbrella. You can hang a folding umbrella on the protrusion at the top.
Rainy rack

Rainy rack

A green that brightens the room on a rainy day is placed to make your heart radiant.

On the official Cosine mail order, a new product of Own Style that "lives like you" will finally be released on June 17th! All five types of items, such as planter movers and racks, have been carefully thought out to live comfortably in the green at home.
By spending time with the green that brightens the room in the rainy season, it seems that you will feel radiant and make your life more comfortable.

Own style # 1 Introducing the development story of living with greenery

Rainy rack

Warm welcome

Recommended living tools for the entrance on a rainy day

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