2022.6.17 Debut! Living your own way --Own Style

Own Style to live your own way
Proposals for a lifestyle where you can enjoy nature in your own way First, start with "living with greenery"

Grow and appreciate plants. On June 17, 2022, we will finally release a living tool that allows you to enjoy your daily life more naturally with plants.
There are a lot of items that can prepare the environment necessary for incorporating plants into our daily lives. First of all, I will introduce each item in detail.

Large greens can be easily moved according to the interior and sunlight

You can choose from three sizes, 35 cm square (square), 62 cm wide x 30 cm deep (S), and 70 cm wide x 35 cm deep (L), according to your green.
The inner dimensions of (Square) and (L) are 31 cm, so you can place pots up to No. 10 pot (φ30 cm). (S) has a slightly smaller inner depth of 26 cm, so you can place pots up to No. 8 pot (φ24 cm).
* The photo is a plant mover (square)

You will be able to easily move large foliage plants to a sunny place or move them when cleaning. (Square) allows you to store one large pot of plants, and (S) and (L) can store your favorite plants in combination. By using it in combination with an optional rack, you can store large pots or spines. You can enjoy arranging tall plants and small plants.
The height is kept to a minimum of 10 cm (including casters) so that it can be used safely even with tall plants.

Beyond the line of sight sitting on a sofa or chair,
Healing green

It is a display stand that makes you want to put plants together and decorate your favorite art and objects together. Since the plants can be placed a little higher than the floor, even short plants can be decorated according to the height of the relaxed line of sight in the living room. In addition, the rising edge like a tray prevents soil and leaves from falling and the pot from tipping over, keeping flooring and carpet clean.
* The photo shows a combination of two plan tracks (S).

It goes well with living items such as the sofa side, and you will be able to feel the plants closer to you in your daily life.
The size of (L) is 70 cm in width x 35 cm in depth, and many plants can be arranged and placed. (S) has a width of 62 cm and a depth of 30 cm, and is one size smaller than (L), so you can keep the place to put it more compact. (Square) is half the size of (L).
Since you can stack two racks of the same size, you can buy more and continue to use even when the number of plants increases, and when the plants grow, you can put them side by side, how to put them as the plants grow. You can use it flexibly while changing. Also, by using it like a wagon in combination with a plant mover that is deployed in the same size, you can move easily. When combined with the (L) size plant mover, (Square) can be used to decorate plants in a staircase pattern with different heights. It is also recommended to store and decorate tools used for plant care, favorite art, objects, books, etc. together.

Storage of care tools,
A small garden in your room

It is a slightly higher display shelf that combines a tray for placing plants and a shelf board. You can decorate the plants at a reasonable height with the line of sight sitting on a chair in the dining room. It is also possible to place plants on the shelves and store tools necessary for care. By arranging multiple small bowls of No. 3 to No. 5, you can create a space like a small garden in your room.

While enjoying the individuality of the plant
Decorate and grow

A rack for decorating plants in the corners of the room. Since the plants can be placed a little higher than the floor, even lower plants can be displayed at a height that is suitable for living in the living room. The size of the top plate is 20 cm in diameter, and pots up to No. 5 can be arranged in a well-balanced manner. You can enjoy the individuality of plants such as hanging type plants and expressive succulents. Since the height of the top plate is different, you can enjoy the lively expression of the plants by creating a rhythm in the appearance that you decorate naturally.

A single flower with a beautiful soft expression of wood

A single-wheeled insert with a soft expression that makes you feel at ease. It features a crisp shape that makes you want to bring plants into your home. The wood grain of Hokkaido tamo is beautiful and it is a base with a wood texture. Finished with urethane coating that is strong against water and easy to clean.

By pushing the glass container that stores water from the hole on the bottom of the base, you can take it out with the flowers decorated, making it easy to check the water supply and the remaining amount.


2022.6.17 Debut! Living your own way --Own Style

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