Let's make it during the summer vacation! Original clocks, cars, and wreaths made from koppa

Let's make an original work with the small scrap "Koppappa" that is inevitably produced in the process of making cosine!

What should I make for this summer vacation? If you are thinking, why not make an original watch, car and wreath with Cosine's "Koppa".
Koppa is a small piece of scrap that comes out in the process of making cosine. Although it is a small piece of wood, it is still a natural tree that has grown over a long period of time. It conveys the warmth and fragrance of wood and the strength of nature. Make use of the texture of wood and make your own clocks, cars, and wreaths as you imagined during this summer vacation! !!

Why does "mill ends" come out?

What is the "mill ends" that are inevitably produced during the manufacturing of wood?
In a nutshell, it is the part of wood that is not used as a product. At Cosine, we want to make the best use of wood by using as little "mill ends" as possible. For example, a material with small "knots" that are traces of tree branches becomes "mill ends" if cut off, but it becomes a product by making use of it in the invisible part. Pieces that are too small to make a large product can be used by making a smaller product. Even if you make an effort to use up all the materials without producing "mill ends" as much as possible, the parts to be cut off when the lengths of the round bars are accurately aligned and the various shapes that appear when cutting the shape of furniture. Fragments become "scraps" that are very difficult to use elsewhere.
"Koppappa" collects small pieces of wood that come out at the very end and uses them as materials for work. I would like you to use your power and imagination to make wonderful original items from the small pieces of wood that come out at the very end! It is an item filled with the feelings of cosine that was created from the thought.

"Koppappa" contains various kinds of trees used in cosine manufacturing.

As mentioned above, Koppa is a small material that comes out in the process of making cosine, so the five types of wood used in cosine products are randomly included. Maple walnut is used more often than other materials, so it's also abundant. Find out what kind of tree it contains. If you know the type of wood, you can enjoy the work even more.
Maple Origin: Quebec, Canada Classification: Aceraceae
Sap is a tree species that is used in syrup and is also known as the Canadian flag. Cosine products are made from hard maple, which grows to a height of 40m and a diameter of about 1m in the harsh and beautiful nature of North America. It is a wood that has been used for furniture in Europe and the United States for a long time, and because of its tough material, it is also used as a flooring material and as a material for elaborate musical instruments such as pianos and violins.

Walnut Origin: Midwestern North America Classification: Walnut Family
Walnut is one of the three most famous trees in the world. Speaking of walnut trees, you will feel familiar with them. Due to its heavy texture, it has been popular as a furniture material in Europe since the Renaissance era. In the archetypal era of the west, it was believed that the color of the material became darker when iron was driven in, and nails and bullets were driven in, so bullets may come out of the sawn timber. (It actually came out!)

Oak production area: All over Hokkaido Classification: Fagaceae
The magnificent tree shape and vitality have been revered as the "King of the Forest". Because it is a slow-growing hardwood, most of the furniture materials are over 150 years old. One of the characteristics of oak wood is the unique striped pattern of tigers called "tiger spots".
Materials with excellent strength and durability have long been used heavily in construction, furniture, and ship materials.

Sakura Producing area: All over Hokkaido Classification: Rosaceae
We are using "Yamazakura" from Hokkaido. The material is sticky and strong, easy to cut and has little warpage, so most of the woodblocks for printing ukiyo-e and books in the Edo period were wild cherry blossoms. Since Yamaza Sakura cannot take large materials, there is a part where the reddish and white thick parts, which are the characteristics of Sakura, are clearly separated. It is a material that you want to enjoy the beautiful colors that nature weaves.

Tamo production area: All over Hokkaido Classification: Oleaceae
Most of the tamo from Hokkaido are called Yachidamo, which is also known as tamo. It is called Pinni in Ainu language. It is a material called Ash in English. The height is 30m, and the thickness of the trunk is 1m. It grows large enough to grow to a diameter of 1m. It has a beautiful and uniform grain and has been popular as a furniture material for a long time.

We have a Koppa work kit that you can make as soon as it arrives and about 1 kg of Koppa that you can enjoy working freely.

There are 3 types of Koppa work kits, "Clock kit", "Car kit", and "Wreath kit", and about 1 kg of Koppa that you can enjoy working freely. Everything contains a woodworking bond and sandpaper, so you can enjoy the work as soon as it arrives.

Koppa Clock Kit
Tax included: 1,980 yen

Includes base plate, watch movement, mounting tools, hands, AA manganese batteries, 300g of koppa, sandpaper, and woodworking bond.

Koppa Car Kit
Tax included: 1,980 yen

Includes 300g of koppa, wheel / base parts, sandpaper, and woodworking bond.

Koppa Wreath Kit
Tax included: 2,420 yen

Approximately 400g of kappa, wreath base plate, sandpaper, woodworking bond, and the central part (hollowed out part) of the wreath are included.
* Processed parts such as stars, ribbons and branches included in the sample photo are not included in the kit.

Koppa about 1kg
Tax included: 1,100 yen

Approximately 1 kg of paper, sandpaper, and woodworking bond are included.

Let's apply for the finished work in the Koppa Grand Prize 2022!

Let's apply for a work made with Koppa!
We are looking for fun works made with Koppa 1kg or Koppa work kit!

Koppa Grand Prize 2021 Grand Prize Work
By taro "Koppa de Shuppappo"

At Cosine's workshop, we are looking for works that are fun to work with "Koppa" and "Koppa work kit" that were born from the desire to carefully use up "Koppa" that is in the process of making furniture and living tools! The "Koppa Grand Prize" will be selected from the submitted works. We also have a supplementary prize that will make you more enthusiastic about the work, so please do not hesitate to apply.
We have prepared a work kit that allows you to make "clock", "car" and "lease" from the workshop menu so that everyone in the area who cannot participate in the cosine workshop "Koppa Woodworking Class" can enjoy it. We are looking forward to your submission of wonderful works.

Applications for the Koppa Grand Prize 2022 will be accepted from August 15th (Monday) to September 4th (Sunday) , 2022, and after voting, the Koppa Grand Prize will be announced on September 16th (Friday), 2022 . ,looking forward to!
Information on the start of application for the Koppa Grand Prize 2022, voting, announcement of results, etc. will be posted on the official Cosine mail order, Cosine homepage, and SNS (facebook / Instagram / twitter), so don't miss it!


Let's make it during the summer vacation! Original clocks, cars, and wreaths made with koppa

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