Summer vacation is a great opportunity! Let's think hard with the family Children's learning environment

You can concentrate because you can relax.
Let's have a summer vacation to think about the learning environment that suits each child with the family!

The difficulty of focusing on learning at home may be an issue that the whole family can actually share because of the increased opportunities to work at home. There are times when information such as various sounds, things, and sometimes images cannot be concentrated, and conversely, that information leads to relaxation and can be more concentrated.
Summer vacation, when you spend more time with your family, is a great opportunity to take your time to find out what kind of environment is most calm and focused, and to consider the optimal learning environment.
Finding a comfortable learning environment for children will lead to the creation of a comfortable working environment for adults, so think about a learning / working environment where the whole family can relax and concentrate. Let's do it!

You can concentrate in an ideal way because you can relax because you are being watched over, and you can relax because you are relieved!
That's why living learning is chosen

It seems that relaxation and concentration are in conflict with each other, but when you see the children's concentration while reading a book or playing a favorite drawing or game, they are never nervous. On the contrary, you can see that it is in a very relaxed state. From that, we can see that it is very important to relax our feelings in order to concentrate.
When a child is small, it is safe to have an environment where you can feel the watching of an adult and hear what you do not immediately understand, and that peace of mind leads to relaxation and eventually to the ideal form of concentration.
Considering that more than 70% of families with elementary school students choose living learning these days, it can be said that it is a sign that children can relax and concentrate on learning if they have a sign of family. prize.

What you should not overlook in living learning is a dedicated desk. Learning at a dining table or counter can be clear in terms of a place where you can concentrate, but it is not optimal in terms of a comfortable posture for learning.
As your child grows, the environment in which you can concentrate changes. It is very important to choose a study desk that can be used flexibly even if it changes so that you can concentrate on studying in your own room from the time when you can concentrate on studying in the living room. During the summer vacation, when the whole family spends more time, consider the optimal learning environment for the whole family and living tools such as a study desk that suits it.

A cosine study desk that boasts a simple design that can be used anywhere and an exquisite sense of size, as well as being able to change its height as it grows.

The coitti desk and work desk are recommended as study desks by Cosine. Both can be changed in height as they grow. There are differences in the size of the top plate, the mechanism for changing the height, the storage, etc., but both have a simple design, so they fit nicely into the living room. The coitti desk can be used together with the coitti wagon to expand the work area, and the casters allow children to move the desk by themselves. Please choose according to your life and space and introduce it to a place where you can concentrate on your studies.

Difference between installation area and top plate size

The coitti desk is about the same size as the desk used at school, so the top plate has a size that fits perfectly with the minimum required learning tools, and the work desk is one size larger than the coitti desk in depth and width. It is a feeling of size that you can put learning tools and tablets together on your desk.

The coitti desk can be used with a wagon to expand the work area! Don't forget to store it neatly and tidy by using it with your desk!

coitti desks offer wagons and shelves in the coitti series. The coitti wagon can be placed on the desk to expand the work area. It is recommended that you use it together as you can work spaciously and comfortably when performing tasks with many tools such as expanding supplementary teaching materials and drawing pictures. The point is to choose a storage that can be used together with the study desk so that it is not stowed as much as possible and that you can see what is there at a glance. By not storing it, you can grasp the type and amount of your belongings, which makes it easier to organize and manage.


Summer vacation is a great opportunity! Let's think hard with the family Children's learning environment

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