For a souvenir after a long absence-a little good wooden accessory

This summer, I might be able to go see that important person with a special souvenir for the first time in a long time.

This summer, it seems like we can come and go freely for the first time in a long time. I'm really looking forward to seeing an important person who hasn't been there for the first time in a long time.
As a souvenir for your loved ones that you haven't seen in a long time, why not try a wooden accessory that you can use for a long time with a slightly different taste. The cosine wooden accessories carefully made by hand are a selection of gems that convey the warmth of the wood, which fully conveys the joy of meeting you for the first time in a long time. The gifted person will surely become a key item to remember this summer every time they use it, touch it, and see it.

A wood piece that makes the interior feel "comfortable" not only for postcards and photos, but also for writing notes.

[Limited to directly managed stores] Woodpiece
2 types available: Maple & Sakura / Walnut & Oak Price: 550 yen Size: Width 5.5 x Depth 5.5 x Height 2.2 cm
Wrapping with a gift bag is possible. Only ribbon (seal) is supported. Noshi paper cannot be hung.
A wood piece that uses a technique called "finger joint" that cuts wood in a zigzag shape and fits it into a shape that makes the fingers of both hands cross. We named it "wood peace in the shape of peace" because it joins the fingers together in a shape that joins them together. The natural atmosphere finished without painting is a card stand that makes the interior feel "comfortable" even if you put up postcards, photos, and memos.
Many people have become accustomed to sending picture letters and seasonal postcards due to Korona-ka. It is a special gift that you can enjoy as an interior by standing such a wonderful card on a wood piece.

A special memory is a picture frame where the beauty of solid wood in a special frame enhances the charm of a special piece.

The picture frame, which is 2.2 cm thick and has a generous wood texture, complements a special piece with the beauty of solid wood, which has a different expression, which captures special memories. The special photo frame, which is carefully hand-finished one by one and applied with oil to make the smoothness and texture of the wood surface stand out, makes various wonderful photographs into works that can be enjoyed as an interior. If you give a picture of a lovely landscape, a picture of a cute pet, and the growth of your family every day, you will surely be pleased. It can be used both vertically and horizontally, so it is a point that you will be pleased if you do not choose the photo you want to put inside. It is also possible to put the name on the wide frame, so it seems that you will be pleased to engrave the message and give it.
[Limited to directly managed stores] Picture frame
4 tree species development: Maple / Walnut / Sakura / Oak Price: 4,400 yen Size: Width 22 x Depth 2.2 x Height 13 cm
Comes in a vanity case. Both ribbon and paper are available.

Thank you for meeting Real and spending time slowly.
Happiness to eat together while chatting I want to use it at the table 4 kinds of wooden pots

[Limited to directly managed stores] 4 kinds of wooden pots
1 type development: Maple x Walnut x Sakura x Oak Price: 2,200 yen Size: Width 7.2 x Depth 18 x Height 1.8 cm
Wrapping is possible with a free gift bag or a paid gift box. Gift bags are only compatible with ribbons (seals). If you are using a paid gift box, both ribbons and paper can be used.
This summer, when I wasn't able to create an opportunity to meet while saying "Let's meet in real life this time!" .. It's going to be a summer when you can feel how special it is to eat rice while chatting and to surround the table.
Cosine's four types of wooden pots, which can be used regardless of the size of the pot or pot, are pots that you will want to use as a color on your dining table as well as in the kitchen. It is made by utilizing the scraps that are produced when making living tools at the cosine workshop, and four types of square bar-shaped maple, walnut, oak, and cherry are combined into one with a leather string, and the space between the trees is widened or narrowed. I use it. Each tree was laser engraved with tree species and leaves.
The pot sill that can be used every day at the wonderful dining table of a loved one will surely please that person who likes cooking and hospitality.

Gift box that conveys a special feeling You can choose from 3 sizes according to the type and size of the gift.

We have a gift box that is recommended when you want to give a gift as a set of small wooden items. A white silk ribbon is hung on the box in the color of Greige. Gift Box S or M is recommended for one or two small items, and Gift Box L is recommended for a slightly larger item.

August 26, 2022 A new item will be introduced in the Gift of Cosine.

"Candle holders", small "tray", "bookends" and "mobiles" that are useful for desktops will be released on August 26th in the cosine gift category.
We have a lineup of 14 types of 4 items that are ideal for gifts, created with Mr. Shin Iga, an artist based in Sapporo. Although it is simple, the design that feels attention to detail is attractive, and there are items that can be said to be art that can be used close to you. Please look forward to the release on August 26th!

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For a souvenir after a long absence-a little good wooden accessory

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