Easy to organize-show storage for children

Make a "device" that is easy to clean up,
Think about storage for children who want to keep things organized

Align your shoes, put the books you read back on the shelves, manage your personal belongings, and clean up the important points that make you happy to be able to do it yourself in your child's daily life. Yes, tidy. It is difficult to take time to think slowly in a busy day, but during the summer vacation, it seems that the family can make time to think about storage and methods that children will want to have fun and organize themselves.
If you think about what kind of storage is easy to take out and what kind of storage is easy to use with your child, you can see the problems of the current storage, so it seems that you can easily find improvement measures. For example, if there is a dedicated place, it will be fun to put things in that place, and just by devising ways to arrange them according to the height of the book and the color of the spine, it will always be in an organized state. Seems to be possible.
This time, we will introduce a storage that is easy to clean up and tidy up from the cosine living tools!

Make a fixed position for your shoes and keep them in order in a fun way!
If the weather is nice, you can just dry it in the sun!

The habit of properly arranging shoes is one of the things you want to learn from a young age. Basically, when you take off your shoes, look back and arrange your shoes. However, when I finally get home and feel relieved, I sometimes forget about it. Why don't you make sure to get your shoes in order and get into the habit by adding a “device” that makes it fun to keep things organized?
Cosine shoe racks can be divided into three shelves with different heights according to the height and type of shoes, so it is a perfect item for creating a fixed position for shoes. You can arrange your favorite shoes neatly like a shop, so it will be fun to put them away.
The shoe rack, which allows you to store shoes by simply leaning against the wall, can store athletic shoes worn on hot summer days and shoes worn on rainy days in a well-ventilated manner, and can be taken out as it is on sunny days. , Sun-dried is also OK! It's fun to arrange shoes, and shoe racks that seem to give birth to the feeling of valuing shoes are recommended for creating a habit of organizing children's shoes.

Because the height and depth of the shelves are different
Just store it in the place where you can enter it and it will be neatly arranged!

The cosine wagon shelf is a storage with casters that is often selected with the study desk. The three shelves have different heights and depths, which makes cleaning up fun. The bottom shelf is high enough to hold an A4 size file box, so you can put large books, textbooks and notebooks in a file box, and the middle row can stand A5 size. Because of its height, it is perfect for placing supplementary teaching materials such as horizontal A4 size textbooks and small dictionaries, or arranging boxes for small items. You can put stationery, books, and things like globes that you often use on the top. The wagon shelf has a fixed place to store it like this, so the secret of being tidy is hidden! If you prepare a file box for each subject and put it on the top or bottom shelf and add a "tricks" that can be cleaned up just by putting it in, it will be fun to clean up and you will not forget anything. You may be able to.

From bags to hats, you can store everything you wear when you go out! It's fun to hang and put it on your own because you can use it at the perfect height!

The height of the bar on which the hanger is hung can be adjusted in 3 steps, and there is a tray on which bags etc. can be placed. Children's rack. You can hang your jacket or coat on a hanger, a school bag or bag on a tray, a hat on a handle, and an optional hook to hang a shoulder bag or muffler together. You can adjust the height just right, so you can use it at the height that suits you best. If you raise the horizontal bar on which you hang clothes, you can also wear a half coat for adults, so it's a lifelong item that can be used even as an adult. Whether you're going to school, playing, or learning, the children's rack is a one-stop solution. When you come back, you can hang or put everything you are wearing on the children's rack, so it will be fun to clean up naturally.


Easy to organize-show storage for children

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