Living room storage that is easy for the whole family to use

Flexible storage that can be used according to the way the family spends is perfect for the living room

The way the family spends in the living room has diversified, such as the seasons, the growth of children, and nowadays, working and studying at home. Will change. The family members who gather in the living room have various cycles of use, such as daily use, weekly use, or monthly use. The storage that can be used flexibly according to various situations and the way the family spends is recommended for the living room.
Introducing Cosine's living room storage, which is easy for the whole family to use, does not make it easy to put in and take out, and can be used flexibly to increase or decrease the storage capacity.

Open, minimal and light "family shelves"
Living shelves meet various living storage needs by combining options and storage accessories!

There are two types of living shelves, a living shelf 85 with a height of 85 cm and a living shelf 120 with a height of 121 cm. Both have a very simple design with a width of 105 cm, a depth of 37 cm (the depth of the shelves is 29.5 cm), and a height between the shelves is 33.5 cm.
Because it is open and simple, you can place trays, bookends, boxes of your choice, small drawers, etc. to give you the flexibility to adjust the usage and storage capacity.
The living shelf can be used in a form that fits snugly to the current life of the family, so it is recommended for the family shelf in the living room.

Store items that you use every day and items that you use often just by placing the tray at a height that is easy to reach.

It is convenient to store small items that you wear every day and stationery that you use in the living room by simply putting them in a tray without having to cover them or store them in a drawer. It's also a point that storage is not troublesome because you just put what you wore when you came back.
The cosine multi-tray is a size that can be put in A4 size with plenty of space, so you can put things in your pocket such as smartphones and chargers together. If you put the stationery used in the living room, you can carry it to the work place as a tray and use it, so it seems to be convenient.
If you put it vertically on the living shelf, it is recommended to use 3 pieces, and if you put it horizontally, it is recommended to use 2 pieces side by side.
Add an open tray to your living shelf that you don't dare to stack or cover, and store frequently used small items in a neat and easy way!

The expressive wood grain bookend makes your favorite books and magazines part of the interior!

The cosine bookend, made of solid and thick wood, is an item made from the short materials that come out when making large furniture and living utensils. We have created a special bookend that allows you to fully enjoy the texture of natural wood by making the best use of the unique grain and knots of wood grown in nature.
The weight is about 800g and the height is 21cm, which gives a sense of stability that supports even heavy books. The wood texture makes your favorite book look like a part of the living room interior. It is a recommended bookend for living room storage. We have a lineup of three tree species, maple, walnut, and oak, which are used in cosine manufacturing.

Telework, summer vacation learning, hobbies.
I want a tray table that can be quickly put out when using it for additional storage that I want only now or just a little

If you want to store a few tools for telework, learning tools for summer vacation, and a few hobbies you're crazy about for as long as you need them, we recommend a foldable tray table with casters. You can move to a place to work or study and use it, and you can quickly move to clean up and you're done. It's a nice point that you can fold it up and put it when you're not using it.
If you have a lot of things to store, a wagon shelf is also recommended, but if you want to put only what you need together, the tray table is just the right size.


Living room storage that is easy for the whole family to use

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