The entrance storage that you want to use every day keeps it neat and tidy

The entrance storage that you want to use every day keeps it neat and tidy

The entrance storage that you use every day is not only practical, but you also want to enjoy the atmosphere of the materials. Cosine is characterized by a gentle and simple finish that is rounded by wood, and you can neatly organize places where you can easily get a sense of life. Many of the products are lightweight and easy to move, so you can change the look according to the season or move to the place you want to use and enjoy it. This time, I will introduce a few items that you can put wet things on a rainy day that you want to put in any entrance.

The design has a sense of omission, so it can be stored in a well-ventilated manner.

The shoe rack has a simple design with a feeling of pulling out, making it easy to put in and take out shoes, and it is a product that is airy and comfortable to use, but in fact it is also useful in other rooms such as the living room. Wet things can be placed with urethane coating, so you can collect small potted plants and install them on the windowsill, store magazines in the living room, and store towels and cleaning tools in the washroom and dressing room. Silicone rubber firmly acts as a non-slip on the flooring, so you can enjoy various uses.

A collection of entrance storage umbrellas and small items around the entrance that have both a gentle texture and practicality

The Rainy Rack has a simple yet warm wooden appearance, and is an umbrella storage that combines practicality while transforming the entrance, which tends to be inorganic, into a warm space. Since it is delivered in the assembled state, it can be used immediately and is often selected as a gift. Not only umbrellas can be hung, but brooms and shoehorns used for cleaning the entrance can be tied together by using the protrusions on the top. By making it easier to take out what you need, you can reduce the hassle of taking out things, and because it is lightweight, you can easily move it.

There are other entrance storages that you will want to use every day

Cosine offers products that can be used around the entrance. By using them together, a sense of unity will be created in the space and it will be easier to use, and it will be fun to go out and go home. In addition to the storage of shoe racks and rainy racks introduced this time, there are shoehorns and entrance stools that can be used for putting on and taking off shoes, and entrance mirrors that can be groomed. All of these products are practical and easy to incorporate into your daily life, so they can be chosen as gifts. Maple and walnut are available as tree species. Please consider it.

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The entrance storage that you want to use every day keeps it neat and tidy

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