Refreshing summer Green

Incorporating green into your life
Spend comfortably in a cool mood

Every day when the sun is shining, the number of active days outside has increased, and it has become a season where you can fully enjoy summer. After spending time actively outside or on holidays at home, you can take a rest and relax ... If you want to fully enjoy the summer, it is important to enhance your refreshment time at home. Introducing items that are perfect for creating a summer life where you can lie down on the cool sofa and the greenery of the plants will heal your feelings and body!

Enjoy the summer green from a relaxed perspective!

In the summer, when you spend most of your time outside, relaxing and resting at home is the key to enjoying the summer even more.
When resting in a relaxed and relaxed position, the green of the plant naturally comes into view, soothing the feelings and further relaxing effect is likely to be obtained.
It is believed that the biophilia effect is the reason why plants are soothing just because they are in their daily lives. The biophilia effect is the idea that feeling nature through the five senses has a positive effect on reducing stress and improving concentration.

If you want to enjoy the green in a relaxed position, we recommend the plant shelf. A small garden is completed with one unit that can store plants on the top and tools for care on the shelf below. A moist plate is attached to the upper tray so that you can clean it with the plants in place.

The height of the line of sight in a relaxed posture is just right when taking care of the plants, so two birds with one stone! After being active outside, relax in the house watching the greens and have a more enjoyable summer!

You can freely change the layout according to the growth of the plant!
You can enjoy the green with a difference in height even with a plant mover + plan track.

A plant shelf is an item that allows you to enjoy plants with one unit, but by combining a plant mover and a plan truck, you can decorate it with a little height like a plant shelf.
You can put a plan truck of the same size on the plant mover and line up the green, or put a plan truck (square) on the plant mover (L) to decorate the green with a difference in height.
With the combination of a plant mover and a plan truck, when a plant grows large, you can put it on the mover and arrange the racks side by side to decorate small plants.

It feels good all season, and you can pursue your own comfort with the sofa on the board!

The good thing about the sofa on the board is that it is plain in everything. You can set it up with your favorite cushions and fabrics, and you can lay a cushion or enjoy the refreshing feeling of the board seat itself according to the season. Since the fabric is not stretched, there is of course no cotton dust to worry about. Recommended for families with small children who are concerned about house dust and for seniors. Best of all, it's best to lie down on a refreshing board in the summer and take a nap while gazing at the green!
Since wood contains a lot of air in its material, it has low thermal conductivity, and you can feel refreshed in summer and warmth in winter, so you can use it comfortably in all seasons.
A nap sofa that has no backrest and can be seated from both sides of the sofa, and an ottoman can also be used as a set, and you can choose from a living bench where you can spend a relaxing time according to your life.

Cushions for nap sofas are usually available in 3 different colors, back cushions and seat cushions for living benches, and cushions for living bench ottomans are available in 4 different colors and 37 colors.
We also recommend using your favorite cushions, cushions, and fabrics. Please enjoy the arrangement with various colors and patterns according to the season and usage!


Refreshing summer Green

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