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Shift to storage that shows with easy-to-organize living tools!
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For the entrance you use every day, you want to keep your shoes, slippers, umbrellas, and other items that you use on a daily basis in an easy-to-use and orderly manner. However, it is also true that there are household chores and work that can not be done easily. Keep things that are easy to reach and organize them so that you can quickly find what you need! Therefore, by shifting to storage that shows everyday tools that are easy to organize on a daily basis, usability will improve and it will be possible to create an entrance that you want to show off. We will introduce lifestyle tools that will make your entrance more clean and comfortable.

Show off the shoes and slippers you wear every day and use them neatly according to the number of people and the space.

You can save space by storing your family's shoes and slippers together, and you can complete the steps of taking off your shoes and putting on your slippers in one place. It can also be placed separately from the main shoe box and used as temporary storage for shoes worn in a particular season or location, such as sandals, climbing shoes, shoes worn for work or school.

Shoe racks are recommended for storing multiple shoes and slippers. It has enough storage capacity to store 8 pairs of adult slippers and shoes. When you lean it against the wall, you can see at a glance whose shoes and slippers it is because it protrudes forward as it goes down.
Slippers and shoe racks are recommended for storing a small amount of shoes and slippers. It has a storage capacity of 2 to 4 pairs of slippers for adults, and 2 pairs of shoes on the lower shelf. Apart from slippers for guests, you can keep your own slippers and favorite shoes together, and it is also recommended as a storage space for children's shoes.

Choose a stand-up type, free-standing type, or wall-mounted coat rack according to the purpose and installation method.

Coat racks, which are often used in entrances, corridors, and living rooms, can be roughly divided into three types: stand-up type, free-standing type, and wall-mounted type. When considering the purchase of a coat rack, it is necessary to choose a method that matches the usage and purpose, such as who will use it and what to hang, and the installation space.

The stand-up type tree rack is convenient when you want to hang it for a while because it is lightweight and easy to move. The 3 silicone rubbers on the legs and the tip make it non-slip and stable even on wooden floors. You can also use the collected hats and handbags for display by hanging them on each hook. The staggered hooks make it difficult for the clothes to overlap, and the space-saving installation is a nice point.
The self-supporting twin coat stand has 8 rotating hooks for plenty of storage. The two poles, hooks, and base are made of solid wood with a carefully rounded finish, giving it a gentle atmosphere and is very durable. The hook has a scraping surface, so it won't slip off when clothes are hung.

Wall storage for better use of limited space

A wall hook that gives a lively impression with a snapping sound when the hook is returned. It is a simple design with moderate roundness like cosine. Wall storage is something you should consider in places where it is difficult to place an additional coat stand or hanger rack.
Mine hooks are characterized by gentle wood grains carved out of solid wood in a wavy pattern, and there are clocks and stools with the same wavy design. It is a wall storage that combines design and practicality that makes you want to decorate your room even if you don't have anything on it.

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Easy-to-organize household items - entrance storage

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