Only what you need at your bedside - Neat and neat storage

Not too much, not too little.
Choose a nightstand that can or cannot properly store what you need at the bedside.

Reading a book before going to bed, listening to the radio or listening to music on the speakers, or spending time relaxing at the end of the day is different for each person. There are various routines to spend a comfortable time. In order to keep the area around your bed neat and tidy and create an environment where you can sleep and wake up comfortably, it is important to choose the one that best suits your lifestyle, paying attention to the storage capacity and storage method of the bedside table. If you want to keep a few books at hand, charge your smartphone and tablet at your bedside, or keep your drinks on the table, you can find a night table that can hold and store just the amount of things you need. You can always keep it clean and tidy. Items that can be used as cosine night tables have various sizes and storage capacities. Please find the perfect item from the recommended items for creating a bed area where you can spend a relaxing and comfortable time!

Compact size night table drawer night table with drawer

If you put it next to your bed, it's just about the same size as the depth of your pillow. Even if you put a night lamp, it is GOOD.
Although the drawer night table is compact in size, it has a drawer large enough to fit A4 size paper, so you can store books, glasses, smartphones, speakers, and other items around the bed that you want to keep close at bedtime. Recommended for anyone.
The top plate is compact with a width of 39 cm and a depth of 35 cm, so you can put things you want to pick up immediately on the table top, and put other things in the drawer. You can use it.

Arm lamp table that combines table and light in one

The arm lamp table, whose lamp part rotates 180 degrees around the post, is perfect for bedside use. I have it.
There is a small table with a diameter of 34 cm under the light, so you can put your unfinished book, glasses, smartphone, etc. If you don't have much to keep at hand when you go to bed, this table is just the right size.
The installation area is 34 cm wide and 35 cm deep, making it the smallest class compact size for a night table. It is an item with excellent functionality that tightly integrates the light and table necessary for the bedside.

Spacious top plate and open type shelf for spacious storage Rack table with a slightly retro impression

A rack table that can be used for multiple purposes such as a TV rack, audio rack, night table, side table that can be used with an easy chair. The design with legs attached to a simple rounded rack feels somewhat nostalgic.
The internal dimensions of the rack are width 60 x depth 35 x height 14.5 cm, so you can store large books such as magazines. The size is spacious enough to display items that are often used around the bed, such as fabric sprays, and small greenery.
If you need a lot of things around the bed, we recommend using the rack table as a nightstand.

A bedside table with casters.
Tray table that can be moved according to your relaxing posture

Sometimes you can see nightstands with casters, but the convenience of being able to move the position of the nightstand according to your posture is a little impressive.
Cosine's night table does not have a lineup with casters, but if you want one with casters, we recommend using the tray table as a night table!
The tray table, which is foldable and has excellent functionality with casters, has a width and depth of 40 cm and a height of 56.5 cm, so it can also be used as a night table. The reversible tray can also be used with a melamine surface (white for maple, gray for walnut) or a veneer surface (wood grain) according to the interior and usage. Cosine staff actually use it as a night table, and there is enough space around the bed to store the necessary items, and it is very convenient to use because it can be moved back and forth to suit the relaxing posture.
It is also recommended to place your favorite small boxes or trays and use them while classifying small items, or to place footlights in the tray below.
It is a feeling of size that is enough even if there are a little more things you want to put on the bedside.


Only what you need at your bedside - Neat and neat storage

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