Recommended for autumn living! A little extra life tools

Add a little life tools that make your life more comfortable!

As the season changes from summer to autumn, the nights are gradually getting longer, and the family spends more time relaxing at home, reading books, watching movies, and chatting endlessly.
Autumn is the season when you want to rest your mind and body, as the temperature difference between morning and evening and daytime is large. When you're at home, you can sit on the sofa with a warm drink, a book, and your favorite blanket on your lap, write seasonal letters to your loved ones, or start a hobby that you can do at home. Good for relaxing the body.
Here are some "little extra tools" that will be useful in such a relaxing autumn life. If you have tools that make your life a little more comfortable, you will be able to relax and enjoy your autumn life more slowly.

Relax slowly! I want one around the sofa,
Retractable side table

Whether you're sitting on the sofa and slowly reading a book, watching a movie, or gathering information on autumn excursions on your smartphone or tablet, you'll have a warm drink and some delicious sweets by your side. It may be because autumn is the time to spend a luxurious time with just that.
A side table that can be pulled in and used when relaxing on the sofa. Just having a side table where you can put a drink or a book in a relaxed position will greatly improve the quality of your relaxing time.

trico side table

Maple: 55,000 yen including tax
Walnut: 60,500 yen including tax

The gentle triangular Trico side table can be used by changing the accuracy of the table and pulling it in an easy-to-use direction. The wagon table can be used by inserting it into the seat of the sofa, so you can pull it closer to your hand. The wagon table can be used with any sofa if there is a gap of 7cm or more under the sofa and the sofa seat height is 45cm or less.
Both side tables are recommended for relaxing on the sofa.

wagon table

Maple: 48,400 yen including tax

Very useful with folding type and casters!
Not just around the sofa! We also recommend a tray table that can be used in multiple ways!

The tray table can also be conveniently used as a side table. It can be used in a variety of places and situations, such as using it as a side table with a sofa or desk, or as a serving table in the dining room. When not in use, you can remove the tray and fold the legs, so you can store it in a small space.

Put some tea and a book next to the sofa. As a serve table in the dining room. Documents, small items, drinks, etc. are placed next to the desk to ensure a spacious desk work area and help create a comfortable workspace.

Compact storage of plus α is a life savior.
Storage that can change your life with a little addition

In the living room, you can hang a blanket that will be very useful in the coming season, or simply hang a cardigan that you will wear around the house. The convenience of being able to make storage immediately is attractive. The wagon shelf is naturally organized with three shelves of different heights and depths, and you can use baskets and boxes to store small items together. The wagon shelf has casters, so it can be moved while storing things, so it is also recommended for storing tools for home work.

ladder rack

Maple: 25,300 yen including tax

The tree rack / wagon shelf is a great addition to various places such as the entrance and kitchen, as well as the living room.

tree rack

Maple: 24,200 yen including tax
Walnut: 26,400 yen including tax

wagon shelf

Maple: 62,700 yen including tax
Walnut: 74,800 yen including tax

You can concentrate on your work and hobbies, so if you add a compact desk that makes progress,
Makes me want to start something new!

Place a small desk in a small space in your living room or dining room, and when you work or do your hobbies, you will have time to concentrate alone. You can do the same thing on the sofa or in the dining room, but just by going to your desk, you can switch your mind and concentrate, so your work will be smoother and you will be able to devote yourself more to your hobby. If you have a compact desk that enriches your time by keeping a household account book, ironing, and working from home, as well as writing letters to loved ones and keeping a diary, you can try drawing. It seems that it will support you to start the hobby you wanted.


Recommended for autumn living! A little extra life tools

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