Find your favorite design! Various types of coat stands

Find your favorite coat stand with a variety of designs and functions!

Now that I've started looking for a coat stand to store the outerwear I need for the coming season, I have a rough image, but there are so many shapes that I can't decide. Cosine offers various types of coat stands, such as "things that can be used by the family," "things that can be hung directly on hooks," and "foldable things." Each has its own unique design, usage, and number of pieces that can be hung. We have collected coat stands made with cosine so that you can easily choose your favorite design and function from everyday use to luxury items! Please consider it according to the person who uses it and the purpose!

Choose from 9 sizes + customize according to your home!
Long & best-selling dress rack

dress rack
(Width 75.5cm)
From 33,000 yen including tax

Dress rack (wide)
(Width 104.5cm)
Tax -included 35,200 yen ...

dress rack
(Width 65cm/made to order)
From 33,000 yen including tax
  1. It can be adjusted to the place to put it and the number of sheets you want to hang.
  2. You can also hang long items by height order
  3. Caster processing allows you to move while wearing the outerwear
  4. The bottom is about 10 cm, so the cleaning robot can pass through and it is easy to clean.
Since its launch in 1993, the long and best-selling dress rack can be used to store clothes in your room, or placed in the living room or entrance to store outerwear. Furthermore, you can use it more conveniently by using it together with the optional tray and optional hook. The legs of the dress rack can be closed, so you can store it in a small gap during the off-season.
The dress rack can be selected from 9 sizes from 65cm to 104.5cm in width. Some sizes are made to order, but the 75.5 cm wide dress rack and the 104.5 cm wide dress rack (wide) can be delivered quickly, so we recommend it for those who are in a hurry. *Subject to availability
Besides that, the dress rack can be adjusted in height or added with casters according to your wishes. *It takes about 30-45 days to deliver.
In addition, we also have a small " dress rack (small) " that can be used by children.

Twin coat stand and tree rack that you want to choose for each application

twin coat stand
82,500 yen including tax

Universal design means everyone can use it

tree rack
26,400 yen including tax

Easy to install and move due to its light weight!

The free-standing twin coat stand features a universal design that can be used by both adults and children with poles of different heights of 180cm and 120cm. The upper hook rotates 360 degrees and the lower hook rotates 260 degrees, so you can change the direction of the hooks so that the outerwear does not overlap. It has 8 hooks, so you can hang your family's outerwear and small items, so it has excellent storage capacity!
The tree rack, which is used to stand upright, is characterized by a design reminiscent of branches extending horizontally from the trunk of a tree. The hooks are staggered so that they do not overlap. The number of hooks is 6, so it is recommended when you want to use it for a while. The main body is very lightweight, so it is easy to bring it from another place and use it.

"Wall hook" with a very simple design
"Mine hook" with gentle wood grain

wall hook

24,200 yen each including tax

Simple, easy to match and easy to use

mine hook
24,200 yen including tax

It can be worn loosely and has a design

The wall hook with 4 rounded hooks is very compact with a width of 50 cm and a height of about 10 cm, and has a simple design that can be installed in any room, such as the entrance or room. Another feature is that when the hook is inserted, the magnet inside makes a snapping sound.
The main hook, which has five wavy hooks, is 71 cm wide and can be used comfortably. You can enjoy the gentle grain of the hooks that are carved out of solid wood in a wave shape. The wooden plug, which is also a focal point, neatly hides the inorganic screw holes when fixed to the wall.

"cosine collection" is one rank higher for luxury coat stands.

coat stand
220,000 yen including tax

coat stand
110,000 yen including tax

If you choose by the height of the molding of the sculpture

coat stand
198,000 yen including tax

coat rack
176,000 yen including tax

If you are particular about functionality and choose

If you are looking for a luxurious coat stand, we recommend the cosine collection coat stand. The cosine collection coat stand is made of walnut with a subdued color, and the urethane coating on the surface gives it a deep color and a wet luster, making it a higher-grade living tool.
The fioretto coat stand and branch coat stand are the type that hangs the outerwear directly, and the hat can be hung together. The lepore coat stand and the airs coat rack are hanger-type items that allow you to keep your outerwear neat and tidy.
The cosine collection is a highly sculptural life tool made with the ultimate skill of designers and craftsmen. If you are looking for a luxury coat stand, please consider it.

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Find your favorite design! Various types of coat stands

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