Cosine Tree Gifts - Express Your Gratitude

A cosine tree gift that conveys gratitude with the warmth of wood

"Thank you for everything" "Thank you for your continued support", along with the warmth of wood, is a gift for your loved ones. Autumn is the season for many people to start a new life. Cosine accessories and watches that give you the warmth of wood are recommended as gifts that convey your gratitude. Some of the accessories and watches can be personalized, so you can engrave your anniversary or message to make it a one-of-a-kind gift.
We would like to introduce items that convey the warmth and gratitude of wood to loved ones who will be welcoming a new life in autumn.

Give special memories with a special frame.

A picture frame that makes the most of thick materials. It has a presence that suits special photos that have been cut out of special memories.
It is possible to engrave a name on the front and back of the widened part of the frame, so if you give it as a gift with an anniversary or a message in it, it will make you even happier.

It might be nice to make an original picture frame and give it as a gift. We have prepared a kit that can make a picture frame from scraps (koppappa) of a size that is not enough to make furniture and living tools that will inevitably come out in the cosine workshop. Even small children can easily make it, so you can make it and present it to your grandpa, grandma, or the teacher who took care of you. Although it is a small piece of wood, it is a perfect gift that conveys the warmth of solid wood.

Koppappa Picture Frame Kit

Various tree species: 2,420 yen including tax

A gift that makes your life a little more convenient and more comfortable.

If you're going to give a gift to someone close to you, they'll be happy to choose something that they can keep close to them and use in their daily lives.
There are stools where you can put your shoes on at the entrance or put your bags and luggage down, lights that gently illuminate the room, and bookends and bookstands for displaying your favorite books that make your life a little more convenient. If you choose an item that can make you feel more comfortable while thinking about the life of your loved one, it will surely be a special gift that conveys your feelings.

entrance stool

Maple: 39,600 yen including tax
Walnut: 41,800 yen including tax

Set of shoehorn (L) and dedicated stand

Maple walnut: 22,000 yen including tax

Set of shoehorn (S) and dedicated stand

Maple walnut: 19,800 yen including tax
The entrance stool is a compact size that can be placed at the entrance where space is limited, and it is a gift that adults should choose because it is simple yet beautiful and has a somewhat Japanese impression.
The shoehorn and shoehorn stand are also recommended gifts. This item boasts a beautiful sculpture-like appearance and smooth usability. Two sizes are available: a shoehorn that can be used while standing (L) and a shoehorn that is easy to use while sitting (S). Both the entrance stool and the shoehorn are gems that I would like to give to adults who appreciate good things.

A small light that can be placed anywhere is also a great gift item. The night lamp is designed as a light around the bed, but the gentle and small light of the fabric shade is an excellent item that brings a relaxing atmosphere to various spaces. Even though it's small, it's wooden stand and natural shade make it easy to match with interiors of various tastes, which is a point I'd like to recommend as a gift.
The candle holder that comes with the LED candle is also recommended as a gift. Simple shapes such as circles and squares accentuate the wooden texture. Available in 2 tree species and 6 different designs. It's a gift that makes choosing fun.

night lamp

Maple walnut: 28,600 yen including tax

Various candle holders

Maple walnut: 3,300 yen including tax for one

It's a special pleasure to receive "something good" that you can use everyday as a gift. Cosine bookends and bookstands are sure to please not only book lovers, but anyone. The bookends have a simple design that allows you to fully enjoy the texture of the wood, and the bookends TORIDE are attractive because they are made in collaboration with an artist based in Sapporo. The book stand can be used to display your favorite books and magazines, and is an item that can be used close to you like a magazine rack. Bookends and bookstands are also recommended if you want to give a “little good thing” that you can use everyday.


Maple, walnut, oak:
4,400 yen including tax

Bookend TORIDE

Maple Walnut:
11,000 yen including tax


Maple Walnut:
17,600 yen including tax

A classic gift that can be enjoyed as a business gift or a personal gift.

If you want to give a memorial, celebration, or thank you gift to someone special, you want to choose a special and memorable gift. And since people who can use it every day will surely be happy, the more important it is to the person, the more careful they are when choosing a gift.
The cosine clock has a simple design and a wooden texture, but it is not too unique, and it fits well with various tastes of interiors, which is a point I would like to recommend as a gift. One of the attractions is that you can enjoy the expression of wood that gradually increases in taste as you use it for a long time.
Wall clocks (color), MUKU clocks (large) and (small) can be engraved on either the front or back, and other clocks can be engraved with an anniversary or message on the back. A watch that you look at many times every day is a standard gift that will make you happy. It seems that you will be even more pleased if it becomes a unique gift in the world with the name engraving.

Wall clock (color)

Maple, walnut, oak:
13,200 yen including tax
Name engraving: front and back possible

MUKU watch (small)

Maple, walnut, oak:
13,200 yen including tax
Name engraving: front and back possible

MUKU Clock (Large)

Maple, walnut, oak:
27,500 yen including tax
Name engraving: front and back possible

no.270 watch

Maple Walnut:
19,800 yen including tax
Name engraving: back possible

Wall clock (R)

Maple, walnut, oak:
19,800 yen including tax
Name engraving: back possible

mine wall clock

Maple Walnut:
24,200 yen including tax
Name engraving: back possible

Gift Limited Edition

Cosine Tree Gifts - Express Your Gratitude

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If you wish to engrave your name, please select the size and typeface and order it together with the product.
A size 1,320 yen including tax / B size 1,650 yen including tax



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