Wipe away small scratches and dirt! You can do it at home! oil maintenance

Dare to try!
If your favorite daily tools are oil-finished, you can do it at home! I can do it myself! oil maintenance

There are various finishes and paintings for furniture and living tools, but at Cosine, 75% of all items are finished with natural oils. Oil finishes are not as good as urethane paints in terms of ease of maintenance and resistance to moisture, but since they do not form a coating film, you can directly feel the warmth of the wood on your skin and enjoy the beautiful texture of the wood. You can enjoy the oil in a more natural state, and you can maintain the oil yourself.
We have prepared a "care set" so that you can use the oil used for finishing at the cosine workshop when cleaning, so if your favorite living tool is an oil finish, please do it yourself 1 Please try the degree oil maintenance. The luster will increase, the texture will be even better and the lively expression will return, and you will be even more attached to it! This year, take the plunge and try oil maintenance for your favorite household items on a sunny autumn holiday!

Easy oil maintenance in 3 steps!
All you have to do is prepare a care set and cloth

Before starting oil maintenance, it is recommended to disassemble the assembled type. Assembled things are left as they are. Prepare a care set and a cloth (used towel, T-shirt, etc.).

care set
3,300 yen including tax
One maintenance set is enough for oil maintenance of one dress rack and one optional tray.

I asked the factory staff. "Cloth" recommended for oil maintenance!

At Cosine, all oil finishing is done by hand, so we asked the Cosine workshop staff for recommendations on cloths to prepare for oil maintenance at home!
Most products are applied and wiped off with a towel, but the veneer (the bottom of the optional tray, the shelf board of the wagon shelf, etc.) uses a cloth like a T-shirt. In addition to the veneer, it seems that the spirals of the beans stool and peanut stool also have cloth like T-shirts. It seems to be good to prepare a towel for most items , but if the item to be cleaned includes a bean stool, peanut stool, or veneer, it is recommended to prepare a worn T-shirt !

Let's Start
Oil maintenance!
  • Remove dust from the surface and lightly polish along the wood grain with the polishing sheet included in the "Cleaning Set".

The included polishing sheet is called "Kenmaron". You can evenly finish the surface without over-shaving dirt and small scratches. Gently stroke along the wood grain to polish.

  • After shaking the can well, take the oil on a cloth and spread the oil thinly along the grain of the wood.

Rather than rubbing, the point is to spread the oil evenly and thinly. At this time, it is recommended to do it with the image of stroking along the grain of the wood. It is a natural oil that is harmless to the body, but if you are concerned about the smell, please wear a mask.

  • Wipe it off with a dry cloth and let it dry for half a day while ventilating.

Since the oil begins to penetrate the wood when it is spread, it is okay to start wiping it off immediately. Thoroughly wipe every corner so that no excess oil remains on the surface. The luster increases and the bark becomes lively!

The oil- soaked cloth used to spread and wipe off the oil may ignite spontaneously if left unattended, so be sure to soak it in water before throwing it away.

I asked the factory staff. How to wipe off the oil of the "corner" well!

The inner "corners" of optional trays, etc., where it is good to spread oil, but it is difficult to wipe off.
The corners that are difficult to wipe off are to be thinly applied when applying oil. If you apply a lot of oil, it will be more difficult to wipe off, so apply a thin layer! Please try to
And when wiping off, it is recommended to wipe off the oil by covering the "folded part" of the milk carton with a cloth.
If you use thick paper like a milk carton, you can clean the inner corners of the tray for oil maintenance, so please try it!

Moisturize with oil maintenance and get glossy and aged even more beautiful!

Wooden household items gradually change color as they are used, and become more attractive. By regularly performing oil maintenance, the luster increases and the color that has changed over time will stand out even more. Oil maintenance is a care that allows you to feel the charm of wooden daily tools that can be used like growing them, like leather bags and small items. Even if the hurdle seems a little high, please try oil maintenance while having fun!


Wipe away small scratches and dirt! You can do it at home! oil maintenance

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Wipe away small scratches and dirt! You can do it at home! oil maintenance
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