If the clock does not work properly, is it malfunctioning? Please try the following method first if you think

If the watch does not work properly, first check the following three points.

Some cosine watches have a switch on the mechanical "movement" on the back. If the watch is equipped with a switch-type movement, make sure that the switch, if any, is set to START.

Types of watches that may be fitted with movements with switches

  • MC-100 Mine Clock (Small)
  • MC-130 Mine Clock (Large)
  • CW-03 Wall Clock (Round)
  • CW-13 Cuckoo clock

One battery is included at the time of purchase, but in rare cases it may be discharged. If it does not work even with the included batteries, try replacing them with new batteries. Alkaline batteries and manganese batteries can be used. Do not use rechargeable batteries as they may not work properly due to their low voltage.
Many cosine clocks are designed with exposed hands, so be careful not to touch the hands when replacing the battery. Also, check that the plus and minus are correct and that the battery is not floating.

Look at the watch horizontally and check to see if the hands are touching each other, such as when the hands are bent. Turn the time setting dial and check if there are any places where the hands touch each other and where they touch the main body. If the needles do not touch each other or the main unit, follow the procedure below to reattach the needles.

Remove the battery, insert your fingertip into the base of the needle as shown in the picture and pull it straight out.

If the removed needle is bent, pinch the needle between your fingers and straighten it by squeezing it. If you apply strong force, it will break, so please fix it carefully.

If the insertion opening of the metal part of the removed needle has spread as shown in the photo, tighten it slightly with pliers.

After correcting the bend of the needle,
  1. hour hand
  2. long hand
  3. second hand
Please install at the 12 o'clock position in order. Be careful not to push too much when installing. Finally, double check that the needles are not touching each other or the body.

C-1020 (old mine wall clock) and CW-17 (mine wall clock) have curved surfaces, so the mounting procedure is different. Please follow the steps below.
  1. Install the hour hand at the 3 o'clock position.
  2. Turn the short hand to 12 o'clock on the dial on the back of the watch.
  3. Attach the long hand and second hand, and check that the hands do not touch each other.

First, attach the short hand at 3 o'clock. Set the short hand to 12 o'clock with the time setting dial, and then attach the long hand and second hand.

If it does not improve even after checking the movement switch, replacing the battery, and reattaching the hands,
Please contact Cosine Customer Support.

The movement on the back of the watch is a precision machine, so its life depends on the environment in which it is used. In addition, it may gradually deteriorate and break down as you use it for a long time.
Cosine repairs the movement and sells the second hand, long and short hands, so if the above method does not improve the operation of the watch, please contact Cosine Customer Support.

  • As for the watch, the warranty period is one year from the date of purchase, so we will repair it free of charge for failures other than self-damage.
  • If more than one year has passed since the purchase, or even if it is within one year, you will be charged for the repair if you drop it or break the needle by touching it. There are roughly three costs.
  1. Round trip shipping
  2. Parts fee
  3. repair fee
  • If the wooden part breaks down due to a fall, etc., we will estimate the repair cost each time depending on the condition of the breakdown, so please take a picture of the broken part and send it to us. However, depending on the condition, it may be difficult to restore, so please contact Cosine Customer Support first.

Watch Repair Inquiry Form

Images cannot be sent from the form, so if you would like to send us an image of the condition of the failure, please attach it to your e-mail.

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Wipe away small scratches and dirt! You can do it at home! oil maintenance
If the clock does not work properly, please try this method first.



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