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If you review the outer storage that fits your home!
We carefully selected recommended outer storage according to your concerns

Some of the reasons why we have started to review outerwear storage that suits our home, or that we want to review it, are: “I want to increase the storage space a little more”, “I want more outerwear storage that fits in my house”, “I want to have a better outerwear storage than now”, and “Children too”. It's good to store outerwear that can be used." This time, we have carefully selected items according to your concerns, so please consider and make a decision according to your lifestyle.

"I want to increase the storage space for outerwear a little more."
Compact outer storage that can be used for a short time

The tree rack is very lightweight and compact. Not only is it suitable for everyday use, but it can also be used as an accessory for main storage when you don't have enough storage space. In addition to storing outerwear, you can also hang loungewear in another room, making it easy to clean up and useful even in the off-season.
It can also be used as a storage for your favorite outerwear.
We also recommend a dress rack with a total width of 65 cm as a compact storage for outerwear. Just like a tree rack, it will fulfill your desire to hang a little. It can be folded and stored when not in use, such as in the off-season.

"I want outer storage that is perfect for my home"
Additional options and resizable dress rack

Long and best-selling dress racks can be purchased with additional options such as trays and hooks, as well as resizing and additional casters. Not only can it be used to store clothes, but it can also be used to store outerwear. The natural atmosphere of solid wood makes it easy to place in your entryway.
If you use it in a limited entrance space, we recommend the tree rack introduced earlier or a dress rack with a total width of 65 cm to save space.
Also, if you want to hang outerwear and clothes together in a large space, you can increase the total width to 124.4cm according to the number you want to hang.

We also have a dress rack with a total width of 75.5 cm and a dress rack with a total width of 105.5 cm (wide) that can be delivered immediately. Both sizes are easy to use at home. Compare with the outer storage you have now, and if you need it immediately, please consider this.
We will prepare the perfect dress rack for your home, so please feel free to contact us if you are unsure or need a quote.

Outer storage that is high enough for children to use even when they grow up

When choosing outer storage for children, the point is to choose something that can be used even when you grow up.
The twin coat stand can be used by children with the lower pole. It has a universal design that can be used by the whole family from the moment it arrives.
The height of the dress rack (small) cannot be changed, but you can hang short clothes such as children's clothes, so when you grow up, you can hang tops together. You can also hang things on it.
The height of the child rack can be adjusted in three steps: 106 cm, 118 cm, and 130 cm. At a height of 130 cm, you can hang up to an adult's half coat. It cannot be folded, but since it is integrated with the tray, you can store small items such as bags and hats, and you can also hang bags on the handle on the side.

If you're looking for a nicer outerwear storage, the highly designed "cosine collection"

If you are looking for a highly designed coat rack, cosine colleciton. This is a high-quality coat rack made by designers and craftsmen. Walnut, known as one of the world's three most precious woods, is used, giving it a luxurious appearance. Original castings and granite are used for weights and bases. All of them are highly sculptural items, so it is recommended for those who are looking for items that will attract attention. The fioretto coat stand and the branch coat stand are types that hang outerwear directly. This type is very nice with a hat.
The airs coat rack and lepore coat stand are types that use hangers to hang outerwear. If you do not compromise on formability and functionality, these two types are ideal.
The airs coat rack is designed with a louvered partition that hides the outerwear. It is recommended for the entrance because it lightly separates the space.
The lepore coat stand features a design that hangs a bar from above. It looks very simple in the picture, but it looks even better with outerwear.

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look over! The correct answer for our family! outer storage

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