Living and dining in winter with greenery

Living close to the floor is relaxing after all

A relaxing and relaxing life close to the floor that fits perfectly with Japanese people. Winter is the season when you spend more time at home, so you want to create a comfortable room that is close to the floor.
The reason why living close to the floor is relaxing is because Japanese people have lived on tatami mats for a long time, but it may be because the ceiling is high and the space feels open.
With a low seat and a nap sofa that can be used as if you were on the floor, you can add the relaxation of sitting on the floor to your usual sofa life. The seat height of the nap sofa is as low as 32 cm, and the flat solid board seat allows you to sit on the floor and use it like a low table, which helps create a space where the whole family can relax. . Introducing the charm of a nap sofa, which is indispensable for a relaxing and open space.

A low seat, a design without a backrest, and the texture of wood.

As the name suggests, the nap sofa is the first attraction that you can lie down and enjoy a relaxing nap. The spacious seat is 154.5 cm wide and 65 cm deep, so you can lie down and bend your legs for a good night's sleep. The seat height is 32 cm, which is about the same height as a low table, which is low for a sofa. The height is such that even a child with a height of about 120 cm can reach the floor. The design without a backrest gives a sense of freedom to the space, and the convenience of being able to sit from either the front or back is very refreshing. The flat solid seat can be used as if you were spending time on the floor, so we recommend using it for two people to sit and enjoy a board game, or to relax while reading with tea and sweets on the side. .

Nap sofa (body only)

104,500 yen (tax included)
maple/oil finish
A special cushion is also available for the nap sofa. There are three basic colors: dark blue x white, green x orange, and grass x brown. We are making cushions by combining your favorite colors for 2022 only. Please specify the color of the front and back when ordering limited color cushions.

(A) Navy x White
(B) Green x Orange
(C) grass x brown

Fabric: 100% cotton
Filling: 90% cotton, 10% polyester

A small table-style moon viewing tray that you can take with you in your room

A moon-viewing tray that resembles an old-fashioned Japanese dining utensil called "Ozen". The tray has legs and is tall, so you can use it like a small table that you can easily take wherever you need it. This item is recommended for a relaxing life close to the floor, such as sitting on the floor and reading with a cup of tea in one hand. It is also useful when arranging the dining table or writing a diary on the bed!

Place it on the seat of the sofa for a nap and enjoy it as if you were spending time on the porch, arrange it on the dining table with a difference in height, or use it for relaxing in bed!


Living close to the floor - Relaxing and relaxing.

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