What are the popular Cosine official mail order products in 2022?
We've collected the hottest products this year!

Top 3 popular tree species for popular dress racks
Sakura ranked second in 2022!

A standard tree species ranked first, so that it is said that "Cosine is synonymous with maple". Maple is a wood characterized by its white, silky, dense bark that turns amber over time.

Sakura is second. Over the past year, there have been many opportunities to order Sakura dress racks, such as by narrowly surpassing the standard Walnut. Cosine cherry mainly uses wild cherry from Hokkaido. If you use it for a long time, it will become a vivid color close to reddish brown.

Walnut, which is known as a precious wood along with teak and mahogany, ranks third. Cosine is the second most popular tree species after maple. This year, Sakura's popularity pushed her to third place. Walnut has many fans who have been using it for a long time, and they like its deep color and wood grain.

Recommended at this time! Top 3 that can be used for coat racks
Popular in 2022 is compact & space-saving

Compact and space-saving wall hooks and tree racks rank among the top 3 items that can be used immediately for storing winter outerwear and mufflers! The wall hook can be hung on the wall, so it can be used without worrying about the space on the floor. It is an item with many opportunities to choose.

The 2nd place branch coat stand has a design that bundles seven legs of different lengths at an angle that makes it easy to hang coats and hats. You can put small items such as keys and watches, and small greens on the middle top plate.
Walnut is the only tree species, but it is selected for its luxurious color and design.

3rd place fioretto Coat stand fioretto means fencing sword in Italian. Each hook has a different length, so it is recommended to use them in a spiral shape in a well-balanced manner. It is popular for its solid finish and stylish design. The weight castings and turnbuckles are original. The coat stand, which is carefully made one by one with craftsmanship from materials to finishing, is a masterpiece that you will want to put in a place where people can see it, such as the entrance or living room.

Top 3 easy-to-choose watches for gifts and home use
In 2022, a wall clock (R) will be ranked as a gift!

“Wall clock (color)” and “Wall clock (R)” tied for first place.
The "wall clock (color)" with its impressive accent color painted from 1:00 to 3:00 is chosen as a gift for new homes and wedding celebrations.
A wall clock (R) is a clock with a dial made by joining curved boards with different grains. It was often chosen as a housewarming gift, and oak was by far the most popular among them.

The main clock (small), which ranked second for its ease of use, is a compact 12 cm square clock that can be used as a table clock or a wall clock. As a little celebration, you can also give it as a gift with a ribbon. Thirty years have passed since its release, and it is a watch that is simple and can be used for a long time regardless of the era.

“no.270 Clock” and “Cuckoo Clock” tied for third place. The no.270 watch is carved out of 100% solid wood and has a bulging central part. The hands are easy to see from any direction, making it a comfortable watch to use.

The cuckoo clock is a clock that is chosen for celebrations such as close friends and opening of business. The pendulum can be personalized, so you can put your family's name or your anniversary. The appearance of the cuckoo ringing every hour and 30 minutes to inform you is very cute, and it is a watch that you will feel attached to.

I want one! Convenient night table TOP2 and side table TOP2!

The arm lamp table is the number one night table!
This item is recommended for bedside, but some people use it on the sofa side. Since the direction of the lamp can be changed by 90 degrees to the left and right, it can be used close to hand. The top board is large enough to put glasses and a book to read. It doubles as a lamp and side table, so it is recommended for those who want to keep their bed area clean.

Night table second place is the drawer night table! The height is 45 cm and the depth is 35 cm, which is easy to use next to the bed. Although it is compact, it comes with a drawer so you can store small items used around the bed.
The clean legs make it easy to clean.
The overall clean design makes it an item that is easy to match with your bedroom.

Wagon table is the number one side table. A U-shaped side table that can be used by inserting it under the sofa. With casters, it is easy to move. It also has a magazine rack so you can stand up your frequently read magazines and newspapers. It is also recommended to place coffee, sweets, and magazines on the spacious top plate and take a break.

The second place of the side table is the tray table. A wagon with casters that integrates two trays. The tray can be removed and used reversibly, so you can change the side according to the purpose, such as the melamine side when there is a possibility of getting wet, or the veneer side when matching the atmosphere of the room. It is easy to move because it has casters, and the point is that it is lightweight.



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