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Make your relaxing time more special by arranging familiar things with your favorite things

After working hard at work and housework, it's time to relax surrounded by things you like and good things. If you have your favorite things that you use around you, you will have a rich and relaxing time. A hanger rack for hanging clothes, a clock for checking the time, a stool for sitting on, and so on. This time, we will introduce wooden items that will make you feel a little richer when you have them at home!

Cosine dress rack that is durable and can be used for a long time Simple and natural atmosphere can be used in any room ◎

A dress rack with a natural texture using durable solid wood. The gentle texture of wood and simple design make it easy to blend in with your room, and you will want to place it in a place where you can always see it, such as your bedroom, Japanese room, living room, or entryway. Each part is carefully finished, so you can feel the gentle touch of the whole dress rack, such as the handle, the upper and lower round bars, and the kamaboko surface of the legs. One of the real pleasures of wood such as maple is that you can enjoy the changes over time. Maple turns amber and walnut turns a slightly brighter brown. The dress rack can be used for a long time while maintaining it, so you can enjoy growing trees. You can choose from 4 tree species and 5 colors to match your room. There is also an optional tray made to fit the dress rack to hold bags and folded clothes. It is recommended to have an optional hook so that you can hang a stole, belt, or tie.

A dress rack that can hold about 17 clothes and a dress rack (wide) that can hold about 29 clothes when using a cosine hanger with a thickness of 2 cm are sizes that can be delivered immediately, so it is recommended for those who want to start using it quickly. Other sizes are also available by order production, such as changing the width to suit your lifestyle.

A small clock that can be used on a desk or on a wall Make your favorite wooden clock the clock you use every day

Mine clock (small) and MUKU clock (small) are compact clocks that can be placed on a table or hung on a wall. The main clock (small) features a wave-shaped design. By shaving into a wave shape, a new expression is created in the wood grain, and the curved surface creates a gentle atmosphere. The wood grain is a unique design nurtured by nature, so the look of the watch changes greatly depending on the location of the wood. It is also a pleasure to wait to see what kind of wood grain clock will arrive.
The MUKU watch (small) features a simple design with overlapping numbers. Because it uses thick solid wood, it feels like you are holding a solid piece of wood. The red second hand is accented with a somewhat cute atmosphere. You can choose from 3 tree species of maple, walnut, and oak to match the atmosphere of your room.

Beans stool that can be used as a one-seat stool or a side table.

Beans stool features an eye-catching spiral seat and a cute atmosphere. The wide seat allows you to sit comfortably and firmly supports your weight, giving you a sense of security. In addition to stools, it can be used as a side table by placing it by the bed or sofa, and can be used as an interior decoration by placing small greenery and small items on it.
The carefully finished beans stool is durable and can be used for a long time. The simple and natural design is easy to match with any room, and it is an item that you will want to keep in the room where you usually spend time.
beans stool
Maple: 35,200 yen (tax included)
oil finish

Lattice design fits Japanese-style and Western-style rooms!
KOHSHI stool that you want to put in your room or entrance

The KOHSHI stool features a lattice design that can be used in both Japanese-style and Western-style rooms.
Since it is a compact two-seater, it is also recommended to place it in the entrance space or hallway as a seat or as a temporary luggage storage. There are many other uses besides stools, such as placing it at the foot of the bed to put a throw or nightwear on, or placing it by the window to enjoy the greenery. The lattice-shaped seat allows light to pass through, giving the room a sense of openness.
The KOHSHI stool, which is made by combining multiple parts by hand, is very durable and can be used for a long time. By placing one carefully finished stool where you always are, you can make your leisure time even more special.
KOHSHI stool
Maple: 58,300 yen (tax included)
oil finish


I want to use it every day! life tools for me

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