Useful in many places around the house - dress rack

The long and best-selling cosine dress rack is a convenient item that can be used all over the house.

Thirty years after its release, the dress rack is still being used for a long time because of its high practicality, such as being able to choose the width according to your lifestyle and being able to use it in various places around the house. The natural texture of wood and the simple design of the dress rack make it difficult to choose where to put it, and it fits well in both Japanese and Western rooms. This time, we will introduce specifically where you can place the dress rack in your home!

Places where dress racks can be used

The most standard place for daily use. It is also recommended to use it as loungewear, nightwear, or separate it for everyday wear.

Japanese-style room
It fits well in a tatami room. Choose a tree species that matches the color of the tokonoma and the atmosphere of the tatami mats to make it even more beautiful.
With the smallest width of 65 cm, it can be used as a coat hanger for the family, or an optional tray can be used as a bag holder.
children's room
The dress rack (small) is 114cm high, which is within reach of children. You can prepare it as your own dress rack.

A standard bedroom if you put your daily clothes and room wear together in a dress rack

The bedroom is the most popular place to put a dress rack. By hanging the clothes and accessories that you wear every day on the dress rack in the bedroom, it will be very easy to coordinate and change clothes for the day.
Optional trays (sold separately) can be used to store bags, hats, and folded clothes.
In addition, you can increase the storage capacity by using a large capacity dress rack (wide).

A clock that matches the dress rack in a room that uses a dress rack

In addition, the "no.270 clock", which is designed to match the dress rack, is simple, but the center is gently swollen and has a strong presence.
Even if you hang it on the wall, it will stick to the wall without floating, so the grain of the solid wood will shine like an object on the wall. The clock is accented with slits engraved instead of numbers, making it easy to see from any direction.

A dress rack that fits not only Western-style rooms but also Japanese-style rooms Natural wooden items are also recommended for tatami mats

The natural texture of wood goes well not only with Western-style rooms, but also with Japanese-style rooms.
By choosing a tree species that matches the color of the tatami mats, the alcove, and the color of the pillars, you can unify the atmosphere of the room and create a wonderful space. Recommended for those who spend a lot of time in a tatami room or who have a Japanese-style room as a guest room.

*We do not recommend placing it directly on the tatami mat, as it may damage the tatami mat.

The dress rack you want to put in the entrance has a slim width of 65 cm.

A dress rack that can be made compact so that it can be placed in an entryway with limited space.
The normal size has a total width of 75.5 cm, but it can be reduced to a total width of 65 cm.
With a total width of 65 cm and a depth of 41 cm, it is compact in both width and depth. You can leave your coat on the hanger at the entrance, so you can hang your coat with it. If you put a dedicated optional tray together, you can keep your bag and hat.

*The optional tray for the 65cm wide dress rack is a made-to-order product, so it will take some time to deliver.

Neatly store your room with a mini size dress rack (small) that children can reach

We also have a low "dress rack (small)" that can be used by children. Normally, the height is about 150 cm, but the dress rack (small) is 114 cm high, so even children in the first grade of elementary school can hang their clothes by themselves. Children can also choose the clothes they want to wear because they can reach them. There are also special hangers that match the sizes of children's clothes, and optional hooks for hanging uniform belts and suspenders. Even if your child grows up, you can keep using it for a long time because you can organize adult tops and so on.


Useful in many places around the house - dress rack

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