Life tools that make time by the window special

Ahead of the pleasant spring mood!
Enjoy the spring sunshine by the window

Even if the wind outside is still a little cold, the sunshine I feel at the window is slowly starting to make me feel like spring. How about spending a leisurely holiday while enjoying the signs of spring by the window? Here are some recommended wooden tools for spending time by the window while feeling the season!

A nap sofa that enriches your time by the window

The nap sofa, which is perfect for lying down and taking a nap, is a simple sofa with a wide wooden seat that allows you to spend time relaxing in various ways, just like relaxing on the floor.
If you use it alone, you can lie down, use half of the seat as a side table, or stretch your legs and relax while reading a book. The seat height is slightly lower, just like a low table, so you can sit on the floor and use the sofa for a nap as a spacious low table. Two people can sit comfortably, and since there is no backrest, you can sit from either direction, which is a unique point of ease of use.
Place a nap sofa by the window where you can see your favorite scenery and enjoy the relaxing time of the holidays and the spring sunshine!

Nap sofa (body only)
104,500 yen (tax included)
maple/oil finish
Nap sofa dedicated floor cushion
22,000 yen (tax included)
The colors are [A] navy blue x white [B] green x orange [C] grass x brown.

Comfortable support for relaxing on the nap sofa

The wagon table, which can be used by inserting it into the seat of the nap sofa, is a side table that goes well with the easy-to-use nap sofa.
As a side table for tea, snacks, reading books and tablets, it has a large top plate and casters that make it easy to pull it to your hand, and it also has a storage that can be used as a magazine rack. The corners are joined using a traditional technique called arare-gumi, and the corners are accented with a checkered pattern.

wagon table
48,400 yen (tax included)
maple/oil finish

Share the spring sunshine with plants

Let's share the spring sunshine with the plants in the room that have been doing well during the winter! Large foliage plants can be easily moved by placing them on a plant mover. By putting a plant mover and a plant rack together, even small plants can be moved all at once.・Since it dissipates, you can take care of it while riding it.

(Left) Plant Mover (Square)
(Right) Combining Plant Mover (L) and Plant Rack (Square).

*Plantrac (Square) can be used in combination with Plant Mover (Square) or Plant Mover (L).

We also have a plant stand with three different height trays, a plant mover and a plant rack, and a plant shelf that can store all your care tools in one unit. Please choose according to your personality. All indoor green items are made of ash wood from Hokkaido, and come with a moisturizing plate so that you can take care of them while they are on the plant stand.

plant stand
47,300 yen (tax included)
Ash (from Hokkaido)/Urethane coating
*Plantrac (Square) can be used in combination with Plant Mover (Square) or Plant Mover (L).
plant shelf
62,700 yen (tax included)
Ash (from Hokkaido)/Urethane coating

A mobile that enjoys shadows, making the windows look even richer!

Instead of enjoying the way the air moves, Mobile ARCH enjoys the shadows created by the ever-changing light. This item is recommended for lounging by the window, making the spring sunshine more expressive. Enjoy the shadows created by the spring sunshine, take a nap on the sofa, drink tea, read your favorite book, and spend a relaxing holiday!

Mobile ARCH(S)
11,000 yen (tax included)
maple walnut/oil finish
Mobile ARCH(M)
11,000 yen (tax included)
maple walnut/oil finish


Life tools that make time by the window special

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