Various ways to use for work and hobbies! natural compact desk

Just the right size and perfect for work, study, and hobbies!
A collection of natural and compact desks

It's convenient to have a desk at home where you can sit and work, such as writing down a diary or household account book, studying, or doing a little hobby work. If you want to place it in a room or living room where space is limited, a compact desk that is easy to use with just the right amount of design and size is perfect. The compact desks introduced here are all sizes that are easy to incorporate into your room. Please imagine the size from the image of A4 paper and a 15-inch laptop spread out, and choose which desk is perfect for you!

A natural desk-fit work table where you can feel the wood directly

The fit work table is a compact desk with a simple shape, but the roundness incorporated into the top plate and legs gives a gentle impression. The top board is made of solid wood that is joined together, and the legs are also made of solid wood and are very sturdy. The top board is large enough to spread A4 paper and a 15-inch laptop. It is the perfect size for computer work and writing desks. If you combine it with your favorite chair or Volkstool (sold separately), it will create a sense of unity and make it easier to blend in with the interior of your room.

fit work table
Maple 121,000 yen (tax included)
Walnut 148,500 yen (tax included)
oil finish

Simple design makes it difficult to choose where to use
coa desk

A coa desk with spacious width and depth even in a compact category. The top plate is made of easy-to-clean melamine resin, and the main body is coated with matte urethane to give it a moist texture. The design embodies the shape created by the trajectory of a sphere with a diameter of 5 cm, making it easy to blend in with any room. You can choose from five colors: natural, white, gray, green, and brown.

coa desk
Natural 121,000 yen (tax included)
Other colors 126,500 yen (tax included)
The top plate is melamine resin clear or colored matte urethane coating

Can be used from children to adults with height adjustment!
Coitti desk with casters for easy movement

The coitti desk, which you can choose as a study desk for children, is actually a flexible desk that can be used by adults as well. At the time of purchase, the top plate height is 62 cm, which is a little low for adults, but with the extension legs 80 attached, the top plate height changes to 70 cm, which is easy for adults to use. The desk has casters, so it is easy to move a computer or sewing machine on it. In addition, the coitti wagon (sold separately) can be used at the same height as the desk by adding extension legs, so you can expand your work area and increase storage. As shown in the photo, you can store the printer and necessary files, making it ideal for securing work space.

coitti desk
93,500 yen (tax included)
The top plate is made of plywood with melamine resin finish, and the main body is finished with oil.

coitti extension leg 80
4,950 yen (tax included)


Various ways to use for work and hobbies! natural compact desk

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