Feel refreshed with green! Living with green

Refresh your mind with the healing effects of plants!
Life tools to enjoy green in your room

Spring is the season when many people start a new life, such as transferring, moving, or finding a new job. And from winter to spring to summer, the temperature and humidity change rapidly. I want to spend the change of season in good health while refreshing my body and mind well every day.
How about incorporating the healing effects of plants called biophilia into your daily mind and body refreshment? By keeping the green nearby and watching it, and taking care of it, you can switch your mood and refresh your mind and body well. Here are some recommended simple and natural tools for enjoying green indoors!

The indoor green items are made from ash wood from Hokkaido, which gives off a beautiful green color.

Cosine has many maple and walnut products, but there are also some items made using materials from Hokkaido. The Hokkaido materials used in Cosine have long been used for dress racks, nest stools, and watches. For the indoor green items, cosine has adopted Tamo wood from Hokkaido, which has not been used before. Tamo wood is a tree that takes root very easily and grows large, and accounts for about 10% of the artificial hardwood forest area in Hokkaido. Many people may be more familiar with the English name Ash. It features a clear wood grain and gradually changes to a warm amber color as you use it for a long time.
The reason I chose tamo wood for indoor green items is because the green color looks great above all. Together with your favorite plants, you can fully enjoy the charm of the beautiful ash wood that makes you feel the great nature of Hokkaido.

Not only can you appreciate it, but you can also take care of it comfortably.

By making it possible to use the plant mover and plant truck in combination instead of using them as a single unit, we were able to change the layout according to the growth of the plants. We also have a lineup of plant shelves that can store small plants and tools to take care of together.
Regarding the rise of the tray part, the plant mover and plant rack are 6 cm (2.8 cm inside), and the plant shelf is 8 cm (4.8 cm inside).

Moisture-absorbing and desorbing material called Mois is attached to the bottom of the plant mover, plant rack, and plant shelf tray. "MOIS" is a material with a humidity control function that contains natural minerals such as vermiculite and diatomaceous earth based on a calcium silicate board. It does not contain harmful substances and is made only with natural materials, so it can be returned to the soil.
The bottom plate uses a beautiful and natural veneer, so it is possible to use it without a moisturizing board. This keeps the product clean and easy to care for.

Select and use according to the size and personality of the plant you cherish

When the plants are small, stack the plant rack (L) on the plant mover (L). If you want to change the layout according to the growth of the plant, such as using the mover and the rack separately when the plant grows big, we recommend the combination of the plant mover and the plant rack. Keeping your plants in a plant mover makes it easier to move them to a sunny location!
The plant stand creates a rhythm just by decorating the plants, and you can fully enjoy the expression of the plants. It is also recommended to arrange your favorite accessories and cut flowers in a flower base and decorate them together.
The height of the plan rack is perfect for sitting on a chair and enjoying the green while having a meal in the dining room. You can put care tools and books along with the plants, so you can keep the items around the green together compactly. Recommended for those who want to enjoy the green like building a small garden in a compact space.


Feel refreshed with green! Living with green

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