Great for cafes and shops! cosine wood stool

Cosine wood stools are not just for home use.
Cafes and shops are also popular!

Of course, cosine wood stools are often purchased for home use, but they are also used in cafes and shops. There are various reasons why people choose this room, such as the texture of the wood that gives a gentle impression to the space, and the fact that it is not only a single seat, but also has a two-seat size that can be used comfortably. This time, we will introduce the cosine stools that have been selected for cafes and shops.

It is very popular because it is comfortable to sit on and it is beautiful even when arranged side by side.
mine stool

The wave of the seat fits your buttocks, and it is a shape that does not make you tired even though there is no backrest. The designer chose this smooth wave motif because he wanted to fully bring out the unique expression of wood. A thick plate is cut out to create a wave shape.
A single stool can make a space look tighter, but the appearance of several stools lined up is beautiful, so it is often used in the waiting rooms of cafes and restaurants.

mine stool

Maple 41,800 yen (tax included)
Walnut 44,000 yen (tax included)
oil finish
Width 36 x depth 36 x height 43.5 (seat height: 41.5) cm

Beans stool and peanut stool full of creativity

The Beans Stool and Peanuts Stool are attractive because of their gentle and slightly fun presence given by the continuous ripple-like grooves on the seat surface, the plump legs and the thick seat surface.
It is an item that many people fall in love with at first sight and buy it, probably because it is a stool that allows you to fully enjoy the charm of "wood" where the light impression and the reliability of solid wood coexist. Full of creativity, the one and only unique appearance is used not only in cafes and shops but also in museums.

beans stool

35,200 yen (tax included)
oil finish
Width 43 x Depth 35 x Height 42cm

peanut stool

52,800 yen (tax included)
oil finish
Width 86 x Depth 35 x Height 42 cm

It is not stools that are popular in places where you want to provide relaxation, such as the waiting area of a beauty salon.

This is the first sofa that Cosine, who often makes small living tools and side furniture, has worked on. Through trial and error, we created a compact sofa with no arms that can be used comfortably. The seat cushion that does not sink in too much and the easy-to-maintain cover ring are carefully thought out. Of course, many people choose this platform sofa for their own homes, but it can also be used in places where you want to relax, not just sit and wait, such as the waiting area of a beauty salon. The dry-cleanable cover, the ease of sitting and standing, and the compact size are all perfect choices. The ability to purchase a spare cover is also a point of choice.

Platform sofa (upholstery: MJ)

Maple 220,000 yen (tax included)
Walnut 253,000 yen (tax included)
oil finish
Width 152 x depth 73.5 x height 73 (seat height: 36) cm
*Prices vary depending on the upholstery.


Great for cafes and shops! cosine wood stool

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