Spending time with your pet will heal you

Create a room that is easy to live with petsHealing with pets,
Create your favorite space!

There are more than 8.9 million dogs living with their families in Japan, and more than 9.6 million cats. Because we are an important family member, we want to create a space where both humans and pets can spend time comfortably. Why not create your favorite healing space in your living room or private room where you can spend time relaxing with your beloved family as well as pets. Introducing lifestyle tools that make the special time you spend with your pet more relaxed, comfortable, and fun.

Sitting comfort is also GOOD! The burden of going up and down is also less!
A sofa with a low seat that is easy to care for,
Rumbling as much as you want!

The height of the sofa is something that you should definitely pay attention to when living with pets. When you're young, of course, you want to choose a low seat that won't burden you when you're old! The height of the sofa seat not only reduces the burden on pets, but it is also important that it is comfortable for humans to sit on. Another important point is that it is easy to clean. It is essential to be able to quickly clean and wash when hair or dust gets into the boundary between the back and seat of the sofa, or when stains occur. All Cosine sofas boast low seating surfaces and easy maintenance. It will make your special time with your pet more comfortable.
Good points for everyone on the platform sofa!
Platform sofa seat height: 36cm
The seat cushion is fixed with a non-slip, and the back cushion is fixed with a wooden pin, so the cushion can be easily removed! Moreover, the cover can be cleaned! Easy to clean.

Good points for everyone on the living bench!
The design that looks good whether you use the cushion or not is attractive! The seat cushion is fixed with a non-slip, and the back cushion can be easily removed for cleaning. Of course cleaning is OK even if the cover is removed! A compact three-seater with a width of 160 cm where an adult can lie down comfortably.
“TU” is definitely recommended for use with pets. “TU” is a suede-like upholstery that feels good to the touch, is scratch resistant, and pet hair does not get tangled easily, making it easy to clean! You can choose from 9 colors to match your interior.
Good points for everyone on the nap sofa!
The nap sofa, which has no backrest and can be used from the front and back, features a flat seat with no gaps like a table. The seat is attached like a single board without any gaps, so you can rest assured that small dogs, cats, and children's feet will not get caught. The exclusive floor cushions for the nap sofa are authentic “futon” specifications handmade by a futon shop in Arashiyama, Kyoto. The natural touch and texture of the 100% cotton outer fabric is attractive. It's so comfortable that it feels like it's going to be taken by a pet. Cleaning is also OK by washing with water! You can use it comfortably for a long time by remaking it like a full-fledged futon.

For relaxing time on the sofa with your pet,
It is convenient to have a side table that can be used in a relaxed posture!

A side table is convenient when you spend time relaxing on the sofa with your pet. When your dog or cat starts to sleep slowly, you may feel a little sorry if you reach out to the table and change your posture, but if you have a side table that you can pull and use, each of you can spend a relaxing time.
It features a trico side table and a rice ball-shaped top plate!Tray table, foldable with castersWagon table・Easy to pull and spacious top plate

Keep pet items compactly organized
You can keep things tidy, so you won't have to wait for rice or snacks!

If you want to keep your pet's things together, such as rice, snacks, toys, toothpaste, brushing tools, etc., we recommend the wagon shelf. Each shelf has a different height and depth, so it is a convenient shelf with casters that can be arranged naturally.
It is also recommended to use the nest stool like a shelf. It boasts of its robustness that does not budge even when a pet (and of course a human adult rides). When using the nesting stools as shelves, the stools cannot be stacked and fixed, so if your pet puts their hand on or leans on it, it will move, so please place it along the wall. recommend to.
Wagon shelf/Nest stool


Spending time with your pet will heal you

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