Stay bright even on rainy days! Warm wooden entrance storage

By making the entrance storage a warm wooden storage, it will be a bright and comfortable space even on rainy days.

By using "wood" with a gentle texture for the entrance storage, it gives a bright and comfortable impression even on rainy days! Cosine has wooden items that can store wet umbrellas and shoes that you want to dry in the shade. This time, we will introduce items that can be used at the entrance that will make you feel comfortable when you go out or come home!

Water droplets fall on the tray, so the entrance won't get wet
Rainy rack for slim storage of umbrellas

Rainy rack is an umbrella rack that holds umbrellas in the form of a handle. If you don't care about storing your umbrella on a rainy day, the entrance may get wet, but with the Rainy Rack, when you hang your umbrella, the raindrops will fall into the tray directly below, so you can store your umbrella without getting it wet. The tray can be removed and the rainwater can be thrown away or washed as a whole, so you can keep it clean. It is about 92 cm from the top of the umbrella hanging part to the bottom tray, so you can hang and store most umbrellas in your home. The width of the hanging part is about 23 cm, so depending on the thickness of the umbrella, you can hang up to 4 to 5 umbrellas. Folding umbrellas with strings and shoe horns can also be stored by hanging them on the protrusions on the top. We offer colors that are easy to match with the interior of the entrance.

The tray can be removed and washed completely.
The tray can be removed and washed completely.
Small items with strings are solved using protrusions
Small items with strings are solved using protrusions
Can hold family umbrellas together
Can hold family umbrellas together

Just line up the shoes you took off!
Shoe rack to keep the entrance neat and tidy

The shoe rack is made of urethane coating, so you can place shoes that have been exposed to rainwater in a well-ventilated place.
Flat shoes, pumps, boots, etc. can be stored separately using the steps of the shoe rack. You can easily organize your shoes by simply arranging them as they are. In addition to storing shoes, the shoe rack can also be used as a focal point of the interior by decorating the upper tier with greenery.
Depending on how you use it, it can be used as a slipper rack, and it is an excellent item that can be used as storage in the living room.
Shoes that tend to be left out can be arranged neatly.・You can also place greenery to make the entrance refreshing.・It can also be used as living room storage.

A collection of outerwear and accessories for sun protection!
Space-saving storage "tree rack"

A tree rack that can be used to hang outerwear, which is indispensable for sun protection, is a very space-saving storage. In addition, the lightweight body is easy to move and convenient. Depending on the height of the hook, long outerwear can be hung on the top hook, short outerwear on the center hook, and small items such as bags on the bottom hook, allowing you to keep everything you need in one place. increase. In addition to outerwear and accessories for sun protection, you can also prepare raincoats, which are indispensable for the upcoming season, in one place. Also, when you come back, you just hang it in its original position, so you can prepare it without stress.
tree rack

If you hang a small amount of hats and outerwear
Wall hooks that make effective use of walls

The wall hook that can be attached to the wall is an item that can neatly store hats and outerwear. It features a compact size and can store a minimum of small items and outerwear necessary for going out. Although the storage capacity is not large, it does not take up much space by making effective use of the wall surface, and it is also functional as a display storage.
wall hook to hang on the wall

Warm welcome

Stay bright even on rainy days! Warm wooden entrance storage

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