All of Cosine's bestseller "Dress Rack".
Dressclac, synonymous with Cosine, has reached its 26th year since its release, and thanks to you, it has surpassed the cumulative sales volume of 70,000!
It embodies the world of simple and natural cosines and continues to gain popularity.
Cosine's bestseller "Dress rack"
Dress rack that has continued to gain popularity for over 25 years, featuring compact storage capacity and lightness that can be folded and moved, and a simple and timeless beautiful design and texture that can be placed anywhere. One of the attractions is the choice of two sizes and five tree species / colors to suit your lifestyle and interior. We will introduce all of the beloved dress racks!
Dress rack
Dress rack and dress rack (wide). How much storage capacity is different?
The difference in width between the inside of the dress rack and the dress rack (wide) is 29 cm. About 12 clothes if it is the number of clothes that can be hung.
If you use it to prepare the set when going out, it will be in time with the dress rack. Dress Rack (Wide) has enough storage capacity to store the clothes you wear every season.
Please choose according to the space and application of the place to put.
Dress rack
If the clothes are relatively light, it takes about 17 clothes with a cosine hanger. You can customize it to an easy-to-use shape by attaching an optional hook and hanging a scarf, or placing an optional tray under your feet and placing a bag.
Dress rack (wide)
It takes about 29 pieces to dress rack (wide) for a long time. It is safe to hang a thick coat for the whole family. Two optional trays can be placed side by side on the dress rack (wide).
Under the current dress rack and the horizontal bar under the dress rack (wide), the height at which Rumba can pass is.
※ Some of the dress racks and dress racks (wide) before minor change have specifications that Rumba can not pass through.
Dress rack height
Choose from 2 different widths and 5 different tree species / colors.
You can choose from two types of sizes depending on the space for placement and the application.
There are four types of wood species to suit your interior and taste, and maple is also available in brown with urethane paint, so you can choose from a total of five wood species / colors.
The appearance of texture and aging is also different in each tree species and painting. Please enjoy each feature and texture.
Oil finish is natural and you can enjoy the texture of wood. Urethane and brown are finished with a firm coating, so it is best when hanging on something slightly wet.
There is also a compact size that is easy for children to use.
The dress rack (small), which is about 30 cm lower than the dress rack, is about the height at which an adult's half coat can be applied.
If it is a child of about 120 cm, you can hang it yourself. Even in a narrow place such as the entrance or corridor, it does not obstruct the view, and the size does not get in the way. Optional hooks and optional trays can be used the same as Dress Rack and Les Rack (wide).
When not in use, it is folded and made compact.
The heat is only 7 cm when the legs are folded. The weight and size can be easily carried by women, so it can be folded and compact when not in use, and it can be used immediately when you want to use it.
Dress Rack (Wide) is large enough to hold clothes and belongings for the whole family, and it is possible to dry a single-size futon, so it is definitely a big success in your house.
More useful options and hangers to use together
Dress racks are one of the most popular secrets with a wealth of options.
If you use the optional tray and the optional hook that can be placed by putting an optional tray and a scarf and a small bag, etc., which is convenient for placing bags or folding things that can not be hung on a hanger, the storage capacity of the dress rack is also improved. It looks like it can be stored in a neat and tidy manner.
The hanger can be selected for children, women and men.
It is recommended that you use a set that you can store clearly around your body if you use it.
You can use it conveniently with the dress rack alone, but the storage capacity and usability will be improved by using it with the option.
If you think of "collecting things around you" and "packing your family outings", please use this along with your options.
Is it difficult to assemble the dress rack?
Dress racks, dress racks (wide), and dress racks (small) are assembled together.
The assembly is very easy. The necessary assembly tools are included, so you can use them as soon as they arrive.
The video shows how to assemble the dress rack. Please take a look.



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