All of Cosine's best-selling “Dress Rack”.

Dress rack, which is synonymous with Cosine, is now in its 26th year since its release, and thanks to this, the cumulative sales have exceeded 70,000 units!
It embodies a simple and natural cosine world and continues to gain popularity.

Cosine best seller "Dress Rack"

A dress rack that has been gaining popularity for over 25 years, featuring compact storage capacity, lightness that can be folded and moved, and a beautiful design and texture that is simple and timeless. One of the attractions is that you can choose from two sizes and five tree species / colors according to your lifestyle and interior. Here are all the dress racks that have been loved!

Dress rack

Dress rack and dress rack (wide). How different is the storage capacity?

The difference in width between the legs of the dress rack and dress rack (wide) is 29cm. The number of clothes that can be hung is about 12.
If you use it to prepare a set for going out, it will be in time with a dress rack. The Dress Rack (Wide) has enough storage capacity to store clothes you wear every season.
Please choose according to the space and usage of the place.

Dress rack

If the clothes are relatively thin, you can wear 17 cosine hangers. You can customize it to an easy-to-use shape by attaching a scarf with an optional hook or placing a bag with an optional tray under your feet.

Dress rack

The dress bar (wide), which has a long horizontal bar, will take approximately 29. You can hang a thick coat for the whole family. Two optional trays can be placed side by side on the dress rack (wide)

Dress rack

Underneath the horizontal bar under the current dress rack and dress rack (wide), the room is high enough to pass through.
* Some dress racks and dress racks (wide) before minor changes have specifications that the rumba cannot pass through.

Dress rack

Choose from 2 widths and 5 tree species / colors.

You can choose from two types of sizes depending on the space you can place and the application.
There are 4 types of trees to suit the interior and your preference, and the maple is also available in urethane-coated brown, so you can choose from a total of 5 types of trees / colors.
The texture and aging of each tree species and painting are also different. Please enjoy each feature and texture.
The oil finish is natural and you can enjoy the texture of wood. Urethane brown is a finish that can be firmly applied to the film, so it is ideal when you want to hang something a little wet.

There is also a compact size that is easy for children to use.

The dress rack (small), which is about 30cm lower than the dress rack, is tall enough for an adult half-coat.
If you are about 120cm, you can hang it yourself. Size that does not obstruct the field of view even in narrow places such as entrances and hallways. Optional hooks and optional trays can be used for dress racks and les racks (wide).

When not in use, fold it compact.

When you fold your legs, the heat is only 7cm. The weight and size can be easily carried by women, so you can fold it compactly when not in use, and quickly put it out when you want to use it.
The Dress Rack (Wide) is large enough for temporary storage of clothing and belongings for the whole family, and can also be used to dry single-size futons, making it a big success in your home.



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Dress rack

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