Learning furniture that connects everyday life

By learning in the living and dining areas where the family gathers, questions can be asked more easily,
You can cultivate a rich family time by observing the state of children.
On the other hand, because we use a shared space, we often encourage cleanup,
Since problems such as excessive interference may occur,
It is also important to keep a reasonable distance from your family as your child grows.
The learning furniture series "coitti" that can be used by all families from children to adults is
It was born with the concept of "furniture that connects casual days" such as family conversations, cleaning up of learning tools, and moving rooms.


Coitti has a number of useful features.

A device that can be used by first graders to adults because it is simple and compact

Compact "coitti" that is easy to use in the living room and dining room
You can adjust the height by attaching casters and extension legs.
With casters,
You can change the place and study according to the situation.

Storage of pens and notebooks on the desk side

"Coitti desk" is
I attached a holder on the magnet board to store the learning tools that I always use.
"Coitti book holder" is
So that children can use it safely,
It is fixed with bolts to prevent it from falling.

In addition, the magnet board can be used on either the left or right side of the desk, and you can tilt it at an angle that makes it easy to take out books and notebooks.
This inclination plays a role in preventing books from falling.

A wide width seating surface that accommodates a variety of children's sitting styles

To support various postures of children,
Widen the seat,
The angle of the backboard is adjusted just right.
The optional "coitti cushion" used together has a reversible color,
Hand wash is OK, so
You can always use it comfortably.

The scene to use with a wagon at the same height as the desk spreads

As a rack for school bags, printers, sewing machines, etc.
The "coitti Wagon", which can also be used as a bookshelf by using the bookend, can be placed side by side with the desk to expand the space for learning and work.

Shelf with casters featuring a printed version

The magnet board of the "coitti shelf" is at the height of the line of sight when seated,
You can check the posted school prints and calendar at any time.
You can share the bookshelf using the bookend,
You can adjust the height in 2 stages.Two satchels on the movable shelf or an A4 holder, keyboard harmonica,
You can store calligraphy sets, etc.




Studied design in Japan and Sweden, and worked at a British design firm for 3 years.
In 2002, he established "HIROMICHI KONNO DESIGN STUDIO", and based in Tokyo, he conducted projects with domestic and overseas companies, and was involved in product design, concept design development, and design brand supervision.
In addition, we hold design workshops with children to explore future designs from various perspectives.

coitti Products

Find the style of "coitti" for your home by choosing freely according to your usage!

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