New life in autumn

“Slightly added” makes it more convenient and comfortable!
A life tool that you want to add to your new fall.

A daily life tool that solves small problems that have been overlooked in everyday life is a specialty of cosine. Not only is it convenient, but the texture and feel of the wood and the simple design will enrich the space and comfort.
Choose from the maple characterized by its smooth white bark and the walnut that feels profound and dark brown. It solves small problems that have been overlooked and makes it easy to use the space by showing and storing it like a favorite.
Introducing items that are a little convenient and that will make life easier in autumn.

Outer storage and “temporary placement” are all solved!
Dress rack and dress rack options

New life in autumn

A dress rack that is perfect for storing outerwear for the season when outerwear is needed, or for temporary storage of clothes that won't be immediately closed. You can choose from two sizes of dress racks and dress racks (wide) depending on how you use them and how many people you use.
The dress rack takes about 15 cosine hangers and about 25 dress racks (wide). A dress rack is enough if you have one piece of outerwear and tomorrow's clothes. The dress rack (wide) can be stored more comfortably if you store the outers of four family members.
When storing clothes and belongings when you go out, such as bags and stalls, it is recommended that you use them together with the dress rack option.
Large bags can be stored neatly by hanging an optional tray on a stall or a shoulder bag on an optional hook.

New life in autumn

The optional hook can be stored by hanging the shawl or muffler through the circle, or by hanging the shoulder or handle of the bag over the center protrusion of the circle.

New life in autumn

One optional tray can be placed on the dress rack and two optional trays on the dress rack (wide).

Even though it is “ultra” compact, you can put it in a place where you will put your coat or jacket.
Tree rack, ladder rack, combination rack

It is an “ultra” compact rack that can be placed in places where you can leave your outerwear when you go home, as well as in limited spaces such as entrances and hallways.
Tree racks and ladder racks are installed on a wall, and combination racks are self-supporting types that can be opened and placed. All are lightweight and easy to carry, so you can use them conveniently even if you change the location depending on the season. The easy-to-use feel that can be used quickly where it is needed is attractive.

New life in autumn

Place your baggage a little while you work,
One stool you want to put in one room

A stool that doesn't have a backrest and can be placed in a compact size. If you put it at the entrance, you can sit down and tie shoelaces when wearing shoes, or even when you want small children to wear shoes. It is also convenient to leave some luggage when you go home from shopping.
If you use a seat with a flat seat as a spare seat for visitors, you can use it as a side table on the side of the sofa, or as a night table at the bedside. A stool with a high seating surface is recommended for kitchens and bathrooms. Work that takes a long time can be performed more efficiently by sitting down for a while.

New life in autumn

Recommended gift for Respect for the Aged Day!

Recommended gift for Respect for the Aged Day!

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