Show storage for children

Clean up yourself with textbooks, notebook writing utensils, school bags, and sub bags.

When you become an elementary school student, your child's belongings increase at a stretch, and it is difficult to manage it. Therefore, it is very important to prepare a storage method that makes it easy for children to clean themselves. When you come back and store the school bag in a fixed place, or prepare a place where you can store as much as you use the learning tool, you can make it a natural habit to clean up and tidy up.
By “showing” and storing it without being overwhelmed, it becomes easier to put in and out, and it becomes possible to grasp and grasp your belongings, making it easier to clean up and organize. The
Please prepare a “show” storage that is easy for children to use by the time of new enrollment.

Bags, outerwear, and everything you wear every day

There are surprisingly many items for elementary school students such as school bags, subbags, gymnastics and school lunch apron, and things change depending on the timetable. I want to.
Children's racks can store everything you need for going out, so you can easily forget things just by dressing up in front of the children's rack before going out. Outer and hat can be hung together, and of course, you can prepare clothes for tomorrow.
The height can be adjusted in 3 steps according to the height of the child to be used, so it can be used from elementary school to kindergarten until it grows. It seems to play a role in solving the problem of “No XX!” In the morning.

"Show" storage for children

"Show" storage for children

Start your work smoothly with devices that allow you to carry all the necessary items, such as study tools, drawing tools, and game consoles!

Even if you try to start your homework, you may not be able to start or find the necessary items such as “Eraser!” Or “Red pencil!”. It's also important to put everything you need for a single work together so that you can start working smoothly and concentrate. The cosine multi-tray fits comfortably in A4 size, so you can organize all your drawing tools and play tools, as well as learning tools, so you can keep your children organized and organized.

"Show" storage for children

"Show" storage for everything you use every day, once a week, and all your belongings

Children's belongings come in a variety of places, such as those used every day at home and at school, those used once a week, those used only at the study desk in the house, and those used in living and dining with family.
Since everything is necessary, I would like to prepare a dedicated storage space for everything. With the cosine coitti series, you can “show” and store everything around you on your desk, wagon or shelf. There are no drawers or doors, so you can't forget it. Writing desks and textbook nodes can be placed on the desk's magnet board, and notifications and important prints can be placed on the shelf and wagon's magnet boards, so it's less likely that you'll forget to give the notice.

"Show" storage for children

The shelves with different heights and depths that can be used to distinguish the storage locations prevent mess and stacking and eliminate lost items!

The wagon shelf is a compact storage shelf that can be moved with casters. The height and depth of the three shelves are different, so they can be organized and stored according to each shelf.
At the bottom, you can store small items using files in a file box, large books, bags, etc.
By properly using the differences between the shelves, you can organize them naturally.

"Show" storage for children

"Show" storage for children

"Show" storage for children

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