Cosine Original Christmas Tree

In response to favorable reception,
Cosine Original Tree additional orders decided! !

Cosine Original Christmas Tree

[Order period] October 4 to November 24, 2019 (Sun)
Orders from May to September, Cosine Original Parts Orders The Christmas tree order was successfully received. Due to favorable reception, orders for size, tree species, etc. are not accepted at this time, but we will accept orders for additional cosine original Christmas trees.
In addition, the parts order Christmas tree had an oil finish, but this type is unpainted, and it has the same specifications as the type released in 2018. Please consider the Cosine Original Christmas Tree for a chance to order additional items, even in small quantities.
Welcome to this year's Christmas with a cosine Christmas tree!

55,000 yen (excluding tax)

Tree Species / Painting: Maple / No Painting Size: Width 48.5 x Depth 44.5 x Height 120cm
Assembly hardware and tools included

Includes an “Advent Calendar Ornament Template” that can be enjoyed by parents and children!

An ornament in the shape of a house and a square pyramid is completed.
Write numbers and enjoy the sweets and small items inside and decorate the tree!
Countdown to Christmas with the whole family!

Cosine Original Christmas Tree

The lower left of the photo is a template. Please prepare your favorite paper and string, and work happily with parents and children!

Cosine original christmas tree

Cosine original christmas tree

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Yette Florich ornament

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