Reset winter drying in 3 steps! Let's do it on a sunny day! Oil maintenance

Drying by heating during winter is reset in 3 steps!

90% of cosine is oil-finished products. Items that you use carefully will become dirty and small scratches over time, and will be dried by heating in winter. By performing oil maintenance, you can keep your patronage longer while maintaining its beauty and luster.
Oil maintenance can be performed easily in just three steps by yourself, so we recommend that you perform it regularly every six months to one year.
Maintain tools that have dried up during the winter on a sunny day!

There are two types of painting for Cosine life tools.
Check the paint before oil maintenance.

Oil finish
Picture of dress rack

Everything you use by hand, such as dress racks, stools, and shoehorns, is finished with oil.

Urethane paint
Picture of cuckoo clock

Wall clocks and racks on which wet objects can be hung and those that come in contact with water are finished with urethane paint.

If you are not sure which product you want to maintain, check the "Specifications" column on the product details page.

If your favorite cosine product is an oil-finished product, oil maintenance, which takes about six months to one year, can be easily performed with a cosine care set.
* Estimated usage: One care set can maintain 1.5 dress racks.

Just prepare the "care set" and "cloth",
Easy oil maintenance

The "Care Set" comes with an abrasive sheet and oil, so you can immediately perform oil maintenance just by preparing a cloth. Oil maintenance can be completed in three easy steps.

Swiftly remove dirt and dust on the surface and lightly polish along the grain with the "Care Set" polishing sheet.

Shake the can well, take the oil on a cloth and spread it thinly along the grain.

Wipe gently with a dry cloth and dry for half a day with ventilation. The luster increases and comes to life!

※Please be careful※
Soak a cloth soaked in oil before throwing it away.
If left as is, spontaneous ignition may occur.

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