Spring / new life / moving / transfer / large furniture

Season to start preparing for a new life!
Let's start making a room to spend a new day comfortably!

Spring has begun to start a variety of new lives, such as a new life starting with family and important people, and a new life starting for the first time living alone.
Let's start making a room to spend a new life comfortably with wooden living tools that make Cosine compact and comfortable living!
Introducing living tools that are perfect for the new life you want to use in the living and dining area where your family gathers!

A comfortable, compact living room where the whole family can relax

The compact size, the simple design, and the seating surface that allows you to move the cushions to the left and right according to the depth and usage that allows you to sit cross-legged. It is a perfect sofa in the center of family relaxation.
The texture of solid wood makes the living room where you relax with your family a natural and warm atmosphere.

Pratt sofa / Plat Ottoman / Maple / Walnut / Living sofa / Cushion color order / 2 tree species development

Want to use in conjunction with the platform sofa, Dunlan center table and Toriko center table that do not disturb the conductor of life

Dunlan center table / trico center table / trico side table / triangle table / family / dan

Using the Dunlan Center Table or Toriko Center Table together with the platform sofa makes it compact and allows you to use the living space efficiently without disturbing your daily life.
Both center tables have a gentle shape with no corners and are perfect for living with children.
The Dunlan Center Table is the same height as the Cosine's "Little Chair", a full-fledged children's chair, so that children can relax and enjoy what they like at their own place.

Little Chair / Child Chair / Chair

Easy to clean, dust-free "plate seat" sofa living bench and nap sofa

The Itaza sofa is perfect for when you are worried about cotton lumps from fabric that can cause allergies and asthma, and for living with pets.
The living bench can be used like an ordinary sofa in combination with the ottoman. The nap sofa has a low seating surface and creates a relaxing space where living near the floor can be relaxed.
You can also choose your own cushion or cushion, but you can also customize and use it with your favorite fabric.

Living Bench / Living Bench Ottoman / Cushion / Nap Sofa / Break / Short Break / Break

Not too far, not too close.
Dunlan table with a comfortable distance

The Dunlan Table 95 is for two people, and the Dunlan Table 140 is attractive for a perfect size surrounded by four family members and a gentle oval top plate. The elliptical top plate does not obstruct the conductor than a square of the same size, and is more compact than a perfect circle. In order to prevent the warping of the top plate of the Dunlan table, which is made entirely of solid wood, a traditional technique called "Suitsuki Zan" is used, which does not use an adhesive and is tailored to the characteristics of the wood.
Together with the Volk chair, Volk bench and Volks stool, it makes for a relaxed and refreshing dining experience.

Dunlan table 95 / Volk chair / Volk bench / Volkstool / Traditional technique / Suction bar

An order-fit table tailored to the way you live and use the perfect size for your home

A dining table where you can order the size in 5cm increments according to your home and lifestyle.
It is an honest design that makes use of the texture.
The square is from 80cm x 80cm, which is perfect for two, from 100cm x 100cm, which can be surrounded by a family, in 5cm increments. The rectangle is from 80cm x 105cm to 100cm x 195cm, which can be surrounded by a large number of people. You can order size in 5cm increments up to 195cm.

Fit table 85 / Fit table 135 / Size order / Dining table /

* All prices are exclusive of tax

Spring new life

Spring new life

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