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A must-see for those who are worried!
Why do not you consider this opportunity for 4 size development?

Cosine's long and best-selling dress rack that has sold more than 70,000 units.
Orders of different sizes can be made than usual, but during this period you can purchase at a special price and deliver without waiting longer than usual.
If you are worried about purchasing it, or if you already have it and are considering additional purchases, please consider using a standard size dress rack or dress rack (wide).

Dress rack [customer's voice]

Points during the application period

Dress rack 65 ・ 65cm ・ 65cm wide ・ Compact
When you want to hang only Hebirote clothes on the customer's outerwear instead of the entrance hanger rack, just add the usual hanger rack
Dress rack ・ 75 ・ 75cm ・ 75cm wide ・ Slim ・ Slim furniture
When you want to put a small amount of clothes in one place, you can live alone on the usual hanger rack and dry laundry for two people.

Dress rack 85/85 / 85cm / 85cm / wide / standard / normal
For those who want a little larger than the standard size For those who want to save a lot of space while arranging a large amount of clothes for the large size for the wide size
Dress rack wide ・ 104 ・ 104cm ・ width 104cm ・ wide size ・ large
For those who have lots of clothes and who think that any size is small
For those who have 4-5 down jackets
Casters, attachable, custom order, hanger rack with casters

This time, only maple and walnut can be delivered at a special price. Maple is a white caster, walnut is a black caster. If you would like to caster, please add "caster processing" to your cart.

Those who are interested in dress racks with casters for those who want to change the layout frequently for those who want to move easily

Load capacity 25kg to 40kg 耐 Long-lasting Ethical consumption furniture
Enhanced after-sales support Parts purchase Loss OK

Compact when not in use 7cm in width storage folding folding can be closed
Options with optional trays Optional hooks Usability

* All prices are exclusive of tax

[Limited time] Dress rack size order order meeting

[Limited time] Dress rack size order order meeting

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