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To spend the whole family comfortably in the warm season,
Review the size of the room and the size of the furniture!

The family structure, the size of the room, and the size of the furniture are the most important points for a comfortable living and dining environment for the whole family.
It is also important that the shape and size of the sofa and center table for the family to sit down and watch TV or read without interfering with the way of life. The most important point of Cosine's living and dining room is that it is compact and easy to use with a comfortable and comfortable distance.
Introducing “compact” living and dining items that you can spend richly and comfortably.

The compact dining of four family members is a Dunlan table

The Dunlan table, which features a gentle elliptical top plate, is available in two sizes: a Dunlan table 95, which is perfect for two, and a Dunlan table 140, which can be comfortably surrounded by four people. The installation space is compact and the comfort is "comfortable" by adopting an intermediate shape instead of a perfect circle or square.
When used in conjunction with the voor chair, which has a gentle curve along the top of the Dunlan table, it creates a rich dining table for the family.

Compact dining Ethical consumption Long-lasting Life-long Dan-run table Dun-run center table Dining table Living table

A comfortable four-seater dining table 4 tatami mats 5 tatami mats 6 tatami mats living alone Tokyo backrest chair stool chair living dining space for one person

You can also use a compact fit table that can be ordered in 5cm increments according to your family and lifestyle. For example, it is compact enough to fit comfortably in four and a half tatami mats even if a conductor is provided around a size that can comfortably sit four adults of 150cm x 85cm.

Relax alone, have fun together,
The size is compact, the ease of use is a comfortable platform sofa

Pratt sofa Pratt ottoman lying down face down nap sofa resting family family danran

The compact, two-seater platform sofa with a total width of 152 cm can be used like a side table by moving the cushion of the seat left and right. The depth of the seat is about 53 cm, so adults can sit on it. Stretch out your legs with the Pratt Ottoman in front of you, stretch out your body by laying sideways, take a nap, and be the perfect place to relax with the whole family.

5 tatami space studio one room cosine living loose elliptical elliptical center table table scandinavian solid wood timber

Compact and minimal design.
TV board and living shelf that look good on the platform sofa

The Living Shelf is a “family shelf” that is the perfect place to put just what you need for each family member. You can choose from two heights to suit your way of life, and you can use it with a sense of unity including the TV board. The open and minimalistic design is soft and simple, without too much insistence. The small shelves can be stored in a multi-tray sold separately, the bookends can be used to arrange books that the whole family is reading, and the layout can be freely laid out according to the user and usage.
From the two types of TV board, a TV board of 40 inches in size and a TV board (wide) of 55 inches in size, the living shelf has a height of about 120 cm and a height of about 85 cm. You can choose from two heights and use them in combination.

TV board TV stand Shelf Living shelf Minimum Minimal Soft Soft impression Gentle Gentle impression Detail craftsman Elaborate furniture
Multi-tray Multi-use A4 size living storage Organizing neat and simple Simple life code receiving Do not clutter Organize

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Compact living and dining for the whole family

Compact living and dining for the whole family

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