Living / dining where everyone can relax

Living / dining with "special seats" for each family

If children and adults have their own cozy “special seat” in the living room or dining room, the time of family gathering will be a more relaxing and enjoyable time. Even if it is a special seat of the family, it is a living room where you can concentrate on work, read slowly, children can draw happily, enjoy work, etc.・ If you set it in the dining room, you will spend more time with your family. Here are the items that are perfect for living and dining where there is a special and comfortable place for each family to spend the most.

Living and dining where you can spend a lot of time together and spend time together

Combining the living and dining functions into one unit, Liite, which creates “margins” in the space where the family spends time together, and the coitti, which can be used as a living room for children and as a work desk for adults, and a drawing shelf and little chair for children By creating a playground, placing a compact fit work table and increasing the space on the bookcase, and creating a space where you can spend your time studying, working and hobbies together The seat is completed. You can have a good time by chatting slowly, drinking tea, or concentrating on your own when you have a little space to enjoy reading, studying, painting, etc., and utilizing the space created in the living / dining room. Space.

Living your own place in your living room

In the living and dining room, where children want to have fun with their children, we recommend the "Little Chair", a full-fledged chair for children. The little chair is a full-fledged chair made from solid wood that can be used from the age of three and features a cosine-like design and construction with details such as Kamaboko. Together with the platform sofa and the Dunlan center table, both adults and children can relax in their own places.

Beautiful entrance

The little chair can be used at the right height when used together with the Dunlan table. It is likely to be a favorite place for children, as well as drawing, reading a favorite picture book stored in the book stand.

Comfortable fabric and comfortable babouche make it easier to spend

Klippan's chenille cotton mini blanket is 100% organic cotton with a fine touch. You can also wash in a washing machine. Not only as a rug, but also useful as part of the interior, such as hanging on a sofa.

Entrance stool

We have two kinds of patterns, Bengt sheep and popular Bobcat. It is a perfect mini blanket for your baby's nap.


Babush, distributed by Abe Sangyo Co., Ltd., founded in 1918, is durable and comfortable to wash with a washing machine. It is a babouche that feels the fineness of Abe Sangyo Co., Ltd., which makes all home shoes with great care. There are three monotone colors that are easy to match with the interior.

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Living room where everyone can relax

Living room where everyone can relax

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