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There are various ways of giving cosine gifts to tell thanks with the warmth of wood, but why don't you give us your usual thanks on this occasion?

"Thank you always" "Thank you" "Thank you for the future"
Want to give a gift with your feelings? Spring is a season when many people start a new life, such as transfer, enrollment and promotion. Cosine accessories and watches are recommended as gifts to thank. Some of the products have a personalized name, so you can add an anniversary, message, and name to make it a world-class gift. We will introduce the perfect products as gifts for important people who reach the milestone.

Beautiful `` picture frame '' made of solid wood according to the scene of memories with family and friends

The picture frame that makes use of the presence of solid wood is a photo stand that can be used both vertically and horizontally.
When giving to a special scene, you can put a message on both sides by laser processing.
It is also wonderful to put a picture of your memories and give it. Also, this picture frame is limited to directly managed stores.

Please use for picture frame / photo stand / present gift

`` Desk organizer '' that keeps the surroundings of the desk that you want to always be near at work, at home, at home

A desk organizer with a tray and three parts. The three parts are processed to organize clips, pens and notes. You can use the three parts and tray as a set, or you can remove the tray and parts and use it separately, such as a pen tray. The pen stand has a large hole for a seal, and the memo stand has a wide groove for a smartphone.

Desk organizer / Product photo
Desk organizer / example of use / as tray / can be used for multiple purposes

Just the right size tray for everyday use
It is useful if you have one

Tray size is also very useful as a meal tray

A tray (small) that is perfect for serving tea, serving one plate or bowl, and a tray (large) that can hold a meal for one person in the size of a place mat. Urethane paint is easy to clean, so you can use it comfortably every day. The tray (small) is large enough to hold six mugs.

Great for trays, small meals, snacks, and tea trays

Book end and book stand using solid wood to enjoy reading with the warmth of wood

The bookend is made of solid wood with a thickness of 2.8cm and has a solid sense of stability, so it is perfect for standing books and magazines. The warmth of wood can be easily incorporated into the interior with thick solid wood, and you can enjoy the heather colors and colors.
The book stand has a simple structure in which eight round bars stand vertically on a solid board. You can lean the book vertically, horizontally or diagonally. You can enjoy the free layout by displaying the front cover in front, dividing it by size, and placing it.
You can use it vertically or horizontally according to the place to put it or the size of the book.

Bookend / Thick solid wood
Larger and more solid than book stand / photos

"Clock" as the only gift in the world with an anniversary, name and message

Cosine can put a name on some watches. We will engrave what you have specified, such as a message on the anniversary or name, by laser processing.
How about a gift that puts a name on the watch you see every day on this occasion? A variety of clocks can be used, such as a wall clock (color) that looks good when you hang it in your room, and a child clock where you can practice reading the clock.

Laser processing can be performed according to the child's watch name / born time

Placement of the name of the wall clock (color) / date of birth, time, anniversary, etc.

The position where the name can be entered differs depending on the watch, and depending on the product, it may be on the back, but there is also a method to sneak on the back sparingly.
Please refer to each watch page for possible locations. In addition, we will give you a few days to process the personalization, so please apply in advance when considering.

Larger and more solid than book stand / photos

* All prices are exclusive of tax

Congratulations gift cosine tree gift

Congratulations gift cosine tree gift

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