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Trees that have grown over a long period of time are tools for living over a long period of time.
Wooden life tools increase attachments as they share their lifetime.
Every age is generational, familiar to life and rich.
High quality things that allow you to experience an executive life.
Check out the cosine collection, a life tool that is a bit different from wood.

A luxurious chair just for tying shoelaces

nagahara Shoe Fitter

nagahara shoefitter

Body: Walnut urethane paint width 41.5 x depth 60 x height 55 (seat height 41) cm

This is a compact chair with a slightly low seating surface that incorporates a spatula on the footrest so that shoelaces can be easily tied.
The backrest is also very compact, but when you actually sit down, you will be surprised at the stability that firmly holds your waist.
Since the seating surface is low, there is no feeling of oppression even at the entrance, and the unique design and the deep brown of the walnut produce a calm entrance.

Dust box with beautiful flat back and curved surface

fioretto Dust Box

fioretto dust box

The body: Walnut urethane painting size: Width 30 * depth 25 * 50cm in height
Small: width 30 × depth 22 × height 35 cm

Taking advantage of the characteristics of bent plywood, a smooth and natural curved surface was expressed. The back is flat with furniture and walls. The handle is made of solid wood and has a thickness so that it fits in your hand.
There are two sizes to fit the purpose and room. Lightweight and easy to carry dust box.

Wood and granite matching technique at the entrance

lepore Umbrella Stand

The shape is very simple, and the ring part seems to be cut out from a large plate, but it is made by bending 12 single 1mm thick plates. It is a product that makes full use of the technique of bending and stacking boards, the idea of joining columns, and the molding technique of craftsmen.
The water receiver is granite and heavier than water, weighs 2.5 kg and also functions as a center of gravity.
Although it looks small in the picture, the real thing has a size with a presence.

repore umbrella stand

Body: Walnut urethane paint Base: Granite width 32 x depth 30 x height 55.5cm

A clock like a sculpture with beautiful gold hands

cut out Wall Clock

cut out clock

The body: Walnut urethane painting width 30 * depth 5 * 30cm in height

A square that stands out clearly in front of the shadow that rises in gradation. The center square is clear from any angle.
The gold needles shine very well on the walnut brown and greatly change the atmosphere of the room.
It is a watch designed with soft light and shadow of straight and curved lines carved in solid wood.

cosine collection

The "cosine collection" introduced here is a part.
Please see here if you want to see all products.

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2020 cosine collection

2020 cosine collection

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