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Introducing the voice of Cosine stool & chair user!

From the voices of users who actually use Cosine stools and chairs, this time we will focus on two stools and two chairs and introduce the selected points and feelings!

User's Voice

"It suits both Japanese and Western tastes!"
Also used as a decoration stand and side table
KOHSHI stool

The KOHSHI stool features a seating surface that combines 20 vertical and 6 horizontal members by scraping grooves alternately, and has an elegant and beautiful appearance regardless of Japanese and Western style, and it is a stool for two people at the entrance It is popular with its modest size that can be placed. There are many users who use it not only as a stool but also as a stand such as a cabinet or shelf, or a side table.

"Try it and use it!
How to use, rugged and stable nest stool

The nest stool is a set of trapezoidal stools of three sizes, large, medium and small. Side by side, stacking and using as a shelf, of course, sitting as a stool, using as a side table is a hand. It is sturdy and stable, so it's OK even on a springboard. If you set the desk at the size and sit down at the small, it will be transformed into a child's desk and chair. Depending on the idea, it can be used in a variety of ways, and it can be used in various places in your home.

"Colorful upholstery with your favorite texture is the decisive factor!"
Fork chair, bench, stool with 4 different textures, 40 colors in total

Gentle curved back plate made of solid wood fits into the body.Volk of legs with the same details as the chair.Bench and stool upholstery is 100% polyester MJ, 63% cotton, 37% linen. 80% polyester, 20% urethane, strong and easy-care TU with three types of TUs that increase the price a little, and 70% new wool and 30% viscourse can be used long and beautifully in public and commercial facilities. There are four types of KH. MJ, KC, and TU each have 12 colors, and KH has 4 colors, for a total of 40 colors and textures and colors. Chairs, benches and stools that can decorate your room with your favorite texture and color.

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"Because it is a size that adults can sit on, I bought it for myself!"
A coitti chair and stool with a wider seat that accepts both adult and child postures

Coitti, which is often introduced as a living learning furniture series, is very popular among adults as a work desk. Desks, chairs and stools can be adjusted to the height used by adults. Chairs and stools are designed to have a wide seating surface to accept various postures of children, so that even adults can sit comfortably and concentrate on their work.

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2020 My Favorite Stool & Chair

2020 My Favorite Stool & Chair

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