Mach Boo Boo

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Mach Boo Boo

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Mach Boo Boo
Mach Boo Boo
Mach Boo Boo
Mach Boo Boo
Mach Boo Boo
Mach Boo Boo
Mach Boo Boo Mach Boo Boo Mach Boo Boo Mach Boo Boo Mach Boo Boo Mach Boo Boo

Play with a gentle touch

It is a sturdy wooden boob on the assumption that the child plays while holding it down with his hand.
A form that is perfect for a rounded child's hand is made with the “Makimono” technology, which cuts the wood while rotating it.
Walnut drivers can be removed so they can be pinched or dropped by hand.
It is a recommended toy from about 3 years old who starts pretend play.
The rounded shape of the circle can be enjoyed as an interior decoration.
It is a design with no waste created from functions and eco ideas, utilizing short materials that come out in the process of making products.

[About care]

・ Daily clean with a dry cloth.
・ If you are concerned about dirt, wipe it with a well-worn cloth and shade in a well-ventilated place.
-Please do not wash.

[Product storage]

・ Please keep it in the state of taking dirt and drying.
・ Dirt and moisture may cause mold.

※ Please be careful when ordering gift wrapping ※

The gift bag contains 1 toy, the gift box (small) (200 yen tax excluded) contains 1 to 2 and the gift box (large) (250 yen tax excluded) contains 2 to 3 toys.
If you wish to wrap two or more toys together in the gift box, please select the desired wrapping option for only one toy and put it in the cart when ordering. Please select "None" as an option for the bundled toy.
If you wish to wrap all your toys individually, select the desired wrapping for all your toy options and add them to your cart.

[Product specification]
Item Number KI-20XM
Product name Mach Boo Boo
Material / paint Maple × Walnut / Unpainted
size Width 12 × depth 4.2 × height 7 cm
weight About 110 g
Load capacity -
packing Soft package
Remarks Applicable age: 3 years old or older Gift bag (free) or gift box (small), gift box (large) (large for each) will be gift wrapped.

[ST mark acquired]
The ST mark is a mark developed by the Japan Toy Association that can be attached to toys that have passed the inspection for compliance with the Toy Safety Standard (ST Standard).
Toys marked with the ST mark are recommended by the industry, "Toys carefully crafted for safety."

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