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Change the clock you see many times a day to a wooden clock that gives you a warmth

A clock that is always near your family's life in your room. When you go out every day, when you prepare, and watch your meals many times, you'll want to use your favorites carefully. The cosine wood clock features a warm and gentle design that will make your room feel and feel relaxed. Introducing a cosine clock that heals every time you look at it.

A wall clock (color) that has been selected as the most popular gift among cosine watches

Wall clocks (colors) that are likely to be playful even during busy days are the most popular clocks in Cosine. Maple is red, oak is brown, walnut is blue-grey, and the melamine version of the color according to each tree species is accented. You can choose from three kinds of tree species according to the atmosphere of the room slightly rather than the living room, kitchen, children's room and hanging place. (※ melamine version does not move) The size is just right for a room with a diameter of 28 cm and a size of about 10 tatami mats. You can also put your favorite message or anniversary on the front or back of the watch. It is also possible to put the name in the place (specified time) according to the special time.

Clock color image

Watch "color" trees are maple, oak, walnut

When you get interested in numbers,
The perfect children's clock when you start practicing how to read the clock

The children's clock, which was developed from the voice of “I want a clock that can be read by preschool children”, is a clock with the functions necessary for children's daily lives. The numbers are printed on silk maple on solid maple. The minutes are displayed in reddish candy color outside the green numbers. The display of the minutes of the candy color becomes harder to see when you learn how to read the clock, as the wood part ages with the candy color over time. The reason why 8 is circled around is that it is often the point at 8 o'clock when sleeping or going out in a child's life. The color of the long hand and the short hand is changed to stick to the readability of the watch, and it is a wall clock that takes children's readability and ease of use into account.

Children's clock size and aging image

No.270 watch with a simple and quiet presence that matches Cosine's long & best selling dress rack

no.270 An image of a clock hanging on a wall

It is a wall clock that suits both Western and Japanese rooms, and that you will want to use together with the long and best-selling dress rack of cosine that is simple and ordinary. It is as simple as a dress rack, but has a quiet presence. The distinctive curved surface that draws a gentle circle as time flows, and the dial accented with slits carved in place of numbers have a functional beauty that is high in design and easy to see. Solid wood grain shines in a gentle expression like a gentle hill on the wall.

no.270 The tree species of the watch are maple and walnut

A cute voice that comes out of the washi bellows, a handmade cuckoo that gently informs the time

Numbers dug at random into a glossy solid wood dial will give us a voice saying "it is surprisingly easy to read" when used. The handmade cuckoo made of maple and walnut will tell you the time. You will be notified of the time with a time signal and a cute call coming out of the washi bellows in 30 minutes. The bark has an on / off switch so you can stop it when it is not needed.

"Cuckoo" is all handmade

Cuckoo clock size image

Unique watch with plenty of wood

A unique watch with plenty of woody texture, engraved with numbers on thick solid wood. The time is easy to see from any angle and it is functional. The numbers that are fun to overlap in some places are clearly dug out with a machine called a router. This is made of solid wood and it is heavy, so please check the strength of the wall to be installed (with or without core) before purchasing. There is also a MUKU clock (small) that can also be used as a table clock or wall clock.

There are three types of MUKU watches: Walnut, Oak, and Maple.

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