cosine Best seller Ranking 2020 --Collecting popular products by style-

The 3 best products sold by cosine by product style!

Introducing the 3 best sales in 2020 by cosine style! Are your favorite products / products you are interested in ranked in? Now, let's announce the results of the best 3 categories by 2020!

The entrance is a space "Warm Welcome" that represents the house and welcomes and welcomes guests.

Around the entrance, "Shoehorn L and stand set" was by far the best. It seems that many people buy it as a set and use it together, so it is a popular set for gifts. The solid stability of the stand and the round shape are also popular secrets.

The second place is "Entrance Stool", which excels in practicality and functional beauty. It is a popular product that is deeply rooted in the voice that it can be used compactly even in a narrow entrance. It also features a compact packaging that is easy to carry.

The third place is "Tree Rack", which is reminiscent of a tree with extended branches. Since it is a coat stand that can be hung on the wall, it is simple and does not take up space, and can store outerwear etc. compactly. It is also popular that hooks that are neither too long nor too short are easy to use. It also comes with a key chain and a small hook for locking.

"Comfort" that aims to create comfortable rooms that enrich your life

The first place in Comfort is the very popular "wall clock (color)". It is a cute watch with accent colors colored from 1 o'clock to 3 o'clock. It is a popular watch for gifts and home use, and many people have been using it for a long time.

The second place is "bookends" that utilize scraps that are smaller than the size of furniture. The bookend, which is made of 2.8 cm thick wood and does not fall over even for a short time, is a popular product because you can feel the goodness of the wood.

In third place were "Mine Clock (Small)" and "KOHSHI Stool" at the same rate. The Mine Watch (Small) is a long-selling product that celebrated its 30th anniversary together with the Mine Watch (Large), and is popular for its simplicity that can be used regardless of the times and interiors. The KOHSHI stool is a two-seater stool with a characteristic lattice-shaped design, and the characteristic design of the lattice has made it a product that has become more and more popular in both Japanese-style and Western-style rooms. It is a product that can be easily used not only for two people but also as a display shelf or a stool at the entrance.

"Relaxing" to live in a relaxing space with your favorite things

The top of Relaxing is the long best-selling "Dress Rack"! Among them, maple is by far the most popular, which may be the reason why cosine = maple. You can choose from 5 different colors of 4 tree species to suit your room.

The second place is a hanger (for men) that can be used with such a dress rack. Men often wear suits, so the one for men was the best. The 2 cm thick xylem keeps your shoulders in order. The simple design allows you to use it for a long time without getting bored.

The third place is the "option tray", which is often purchased as a set with a dress rack. It seems that some people purchase only the dress rack and then purchase it additionally, or place it on the floor because it is a large tray and use it as a luggage storage.
The same long best-selling dress rack (wide) as the dress rack was fourth.

Creating a space that nurtures a rich heart while touching wooden furniture "Kids"

The first place is the compact size "Dress Rack (Small)", which is a slightly smaller dress rack. It seems that you can hang children's clothes, entrance storage, pet clothes, etc. It is ideal for children to hang their clothes at just the right height, or to use it at the entrance, etc., and this time it ranked first.

The second place is "Children's Clock" where you can learn how to read the clock. It is also popular as a gift for going on to school and giving birth, and it is a watch that is often given a name. Also, with a diameter of 24 cm, it is compact as a wall clock, so it is also popular as a clock to hang in a children's room or a small room.

The third place is "Children's Rack" whose height can be changed according to the growth of the child. The height can be adjusted in 3 steps, and the rack is equipped with a tray, so you can arrange things and toys necessary for commuting to school such as school bags. It is also recommended for making a habit of cleaning up by yourself.

A gem "Create by Artist" created with the ultimate in skill and craftsmanship

The first place in the cosine collection is the "lepore hanger" that makes you want to wear your favorite clothes. Although it is a simple design, it has a profound feeling, and the supple line keeps the suit and coat in shape. The thickness is 3.2 cm, so you can feel the weight and satisfaction.

The second place is the "fioretto coat stand", which is hand-finished to make an object. It is a high-class coat stand with a walnut line that gives a smooth texture while the weight of the casting increases the feeling of profoundness.

The third place is a sculpture-like "cut out clock" with beautiful shadows. It is a fashionable watch with soft gradation of light and shadow that makes the square stand out. It is a watch with a gold hand that is also practical.

"Gift", a means of communication that gives feelings

"Tray (small)" was popular as a gift. The small trays that can carry tea and light meals are easy to use and are easy to choose, and are also popular for home use.

The second place is the "tray (large)" that can hold a platter and one serving of breakfast. The tray can be named in both large and small sizes, making it a popular item for celebrating a new life or marriage.

The third place is "Desk Organizer" who can arrange the desk area. Since you can feel the gentle texture of wood as it is, it gently prepares the desk area, which tends to be inorganic. Clips, memos, pens, stamps, etc. can be compactly organized and used for each part, so the largest tray is also recommended for pen trays. You can also enter your name.


cosine Best seller Ranking 2020 --Collecting popular products by style-

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Optional tray

  • 10,000円
  • op07nmw

With a dress rack,
"Show me, I'll e...

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Dress rack

  • 27,000円
  • DR-270MWNSCB

Popular for over 25 years. Best-selling ability ...

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Set of shoehorn (L) and stand

  • 18,500円
  • sh0104nmwdset

Beauty of standing, warmth of texture It is a se...

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Entrance stool

  • 33,000円
  • st13nm

Does not take up space
A stool that makes the ...

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Clock (color)

  • 10,000円
  • cw01cmwn

Let's live with playfulness even if we are bu...

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Child watch

  • 9,000円
  • cw14cm

I could read it by myself. Children's clock ...

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Tray (small)

  • 5,000円
  • tw01cmw

Just the right size to serve It is a simple wood...

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Large tray

  • 7,000円
  • tw02cmw

It's about the size of a placemat and feels l...

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KOHSHI stool

  • 50,000円
  • st08nm

Lattice design that fits well in a Japanese space...

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Dress rack (small)

  • 21,000円
  • dr10nm

Compact size dress rack It is a mini type that d...

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Book end

  • 3,000円
  • ec22

Bookend to enjoy solid wood A solid and sturdy b...

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Tree rack

  • 20,000円
  • dr16nmw

Compact size storage A coat rack that can be use...

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Mine clock (small)

  • 8,000円
  • mc100mw

Thick solid wood carved into a wavy shape The th...

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cut out clock

  • 23,000円
  • cw16cw

I carved out solid wood,
Wall clock like an ...

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Children rack

  • 30,000円
  • dr15nm

The height is just right, so I want to clean up m...

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fioretto coat stand

  • 180,000円
  • c1580

The artistic beauty of technical handwork that cr...

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Desk organizer

  • 5,500円
  • ec10nm

Cleans up small items around your desk A desk or...

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lepore / hanger

  • 8,000円
  • op06cw

lepore Coat stand and set Cosine collection that...

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Hanger (for men)

  • 3,000円
  • op05nmw

Beautiful hanger made of solid wood A slightly l...

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