Nordika nisse

A special gift that gives warmth to the warmth of gifts for loved ones

It's time to think about Christmas presents, and we want to start studying not only important people, but also rewards for themselves who worked hard for a year. There are a lot of small items and life tools that make you feel the warmth of the cosine tree, as well as gifts, rewards for yourself, and room creations that welcome Christmas with your family! For children who have spent a year with good children, it is also wonderful to present wooden toys that are easy to touch. Please select a gift that feels warmth of a warm cosine tree during the Christmas season.

* If you wish to have Christmas wrapping, enter "Christmas wrapping wish" in the order option field. Wrapping boxes will be wrapped + Christmas ribbon, while cardboard boxes will be simply wrapped, but will be wrapped by Christmas wrapping paper and ribbon.

Small items that can be used around you are recommended for mini greetings and seasonal greetings.

Small wooden items that can be used around the desk and small items such as small watches that can be used casually for less than 10,000 yen are perfect for small handmade souvenirs. Recommended for year-end petit gifts that convey the appreciation of this year.

Give it to that good child!
Wooden toy gift for parents and children

All cosine toys are finished with unpainted natural wood. We are proud of the gentle touch of natural materials, carefully finished by hand. All cosine wooden toys that can be enjoyed by parents and children have obtained the ST mark, which is the standard for toys carefully made for safety.

A gift for loved ones, a wooden life tool gift that makes your daily life comfortable and rewarding yourself for your hard work

The cosine tree life tools are compact and make your daily life more comfortable. We picked up a lineup of just 20,000 yen (excluding tax), 30,000 yen (excluding tax), and 50,000 yen (excluding tax) from items that you want to choose as gifts for loved ones as well as rewards for yourself who worked hard.

Give a comfortable "quality" life.
An upgraded wooden life tool gift

The airs floor clock that creates a rich scene in the space at just 100,000 yen (excluding tax) from Walnut's line-up "cosine collection" items that feel exceptionally high quality among the cosine items and the airs floor lights are a higher-grade tree We propose as a life tool gift.

Danish Fairy Nisse carrying happiness An adorable handmade wooden doll as a Christmas gift!

Nordika Nisse is a handmade wooden doll brand by Nordika Design. We make dolls with the motif of the Danish fairy “Nisse” and deliver happiness to the world.
Since ancient times, Nissé has been a Norse fairy that has been said to protect children and homes and to help Santa Claus during Christmas. It is thought that happiness will come to the house where mischievous and hardworking Nisse lives, and has long been loved in Denmark.
Since the dolls are hand-crafted by craftsmen, each one has a different expression and there are no two in the world, so you will surely find your favorite Nissé.

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