Q1: I would like to see a specific product at a nearby dealer
There are cases (display exchange, special events, etc.) where products being displayed are limited depending on the handling shop.
We will check at this time, so please contact us each time.
You can also order products that are not on display at your dealer.
Please speak to the staff of the store.
Q2: I want to know the detailed size and weight of the product.
Please check on the product page.
For size and weight not listed, please contact us.
Q3: Can I purchase parts or parts?
Parts and parts can also be purchased.
Example 1: Dress rack DR-270M Maple / upper round bar for oil: 1,600 yen (excluding tax)
Example 2: Dress rack (wide) DR-270 MW Maple / upper round bar for oil 2,200 yen (excluding tax)
Please contact us for other parts.
Q4: Can I attach a caster to the dress rack?
A caster is also possible.
Example 1: Dress rack DR-270M maple [with casters] Price 36,000 (excluding tax) 20 days after order receipt
Q5: Is it possible to purchase discontinued products that are not listed in the latest catalog?
It is possible to purchase products that are out of production (discontinued products) and have stock in our company.
Please contact us for the stock quantity.

[About repair]

Q1: Stool fittings have been removed. Is it possible to repair it?
Of course it is possible.
Please check your usage status, the shop where you purchased it, and the date of purchase.
Please contact the shop where you purchased the product.
If you receive a gift or if you do not know the store you purchased, please contact us.
We will respond appropriately to the removal of fittings and screws.
Q2: The hands of the clock are delayed. Is it possible to repair it?
First of all , please refer to here when it does not move correctly.
If it still does not improve, we will repair the natural breakdown of the machine that occurred within one year of purchase under normal use condition free of charge.
Please attach a warranty card and request repair to your shop.
If you receive a present, or if you do not know where you purchased the product, please contact us with the warranty.
Q3: Can I buy only the clock hands?
It is possible to purchase only needles.
The price of the needle is
1. Types with second hand Second hand 150 yen (excluding tax), long and short hand 250 yen (excluding tax)
※ However CW-03 (Clock (round) old type) is long hand 1,150 yen (tax not included)
How to buy
1. Order at the store (purchase store). Please contact the store for later delivery details.
(If more than one year has passed, or the customer's fault is charged for failure)
2. Order by cosine. Shipping 200 yen (excluding tax) (Kuroneko Mail: can not specify the date and time.)
In that case, please send a postage stamp for the required amount after enclosing the memo describing the product number, type of desired needle, address, name, and phone number. (It is for the transfer fee not to be charged.)
Cash on delivery is also possible. (Separately · cash on delivery fee 400 yen) (tax not included)
[Example]: CW-01CM (Clock <color>) Second hand, long hand, short hand 1 each
400 yen (second hand, long hand) + 200 yen (mailing cost) = Total: 600 (excluding tax).

[About the watch]

Q1: Please tell us about the specifications of the watch (movement).
[Sweep type]: This type of movement does not engraved seconds.
→ Wall clock (color) (R), Main clock, MUKU clock (Large) (Small), Main clock (Large) (Large)

[Pendulum type]: A clock with a pendulum without a second hand.
→ Cuckoo clock
Q2: Do you care about the sound of the clock?
[Sweep type] [Pendulum type] both
The movement is a machine that combines small gears.
Therefore it is not silent at all, but it is a relatively quiet movement.
Also, because the cuckoo watch has a large movement, the mechanical sound may be relatively large.
Please also consider the place to use.


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