I always wear what I wear well.
Maintenance is recommended on the basis of half a year to one year.
The tools you use with care also get dirty and scratched with time.
Oil-finished life tools can be maintained by yourself. Maintenance and maintenance can be carried out from a half year to a year to maintain beauty and brightness.
Maintaining your favorite living tools will give you more and more attachment.
There are two kinds of painting on living tools.
Oil finish
Oil finish
Stools, shoehorns, dress racks, etc. are used daily to touch and finish with oil.
Urethane paint
Urethane paint
Things like hanging on the wall and things that touch the water, such as hanging clocks and racks that can be used for clothes drying, are finished with urethane coating.
If you do not know which tool you have painted, please check the " Product Specifications " section of the relevant product detail page or the instruction manual that came with the product.
Care set
If it is oil finished product, maintenance is fun with "Care set".
The furniture will also be dry due to sunlight and winter heating.
If you moisturize with oil once every six months to a year, it will last for a long time. In addition, it is also recommended when you are concerned about dirt or ring penetration.
Daily cleaning is OK just by wiping with a dry soft cloth. Clean the table with a damp cloth. If stains that cause stains (coffee, cosmetics, etc.) are attached, wipe off with a cloth that has been squeezed immediately and allow to naturally dry.

Care set
2,800 yen (excluding tax)
※ Estimated usage: With a single cleaning set, you can clean the dress rack (normal size) and optional tray.
Easy maintenance by simply preparing a "care set" and a "cloth".
The "Care set" comes with a polishing sheet and oil, so you can do maintenance immediately by preparing a cloth. If it is a dress rack, it takes about one hour to wait for one maintenance. The procedure is only three. You can easily clean it with a simple procedure.
step 1
Remove dirt and dust from the surface of wood immediately and lightly polish along the grain using the polishing sheet of "Care set".
step 1
Step 2
Shake the can well, take the oil on a cloth, and spread it thinly as rubbing it along the grain.
Step 2
Step 3
Wipe clean with a dry cloth and allow it to dry for half a day while ventilating.
Glossy, furniture is lively.
Soak oil soaked cloth in water and then throw it away. If left as it is, it may ignite spontaneously.
Step 3
Assembly type
From time to time there is a need to reassemble prefabricated living tools.
Assembled life tools may come loose while using the first place you tightened.
If you notice it, you can use it for a long time by tightening it a little. Assembly type Use a hex wrench to tighten products with a hex wrench.

Assembly type Stools are dangerous when the legs are loosened. Turn over on a carpet or soft cloth and tighten the legs.


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